has anyone heard of a flower spray that makes them LIKE glass?

jeanna13August 4, 2002

or is my husband dreaming??


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Dear Jeanna,
I've seen a product that you paint on to make flowers look like ceramic. I've never used it and I can't remember the name. I think it was near the decopauge supplies.
One that you spray on to make them look like glass sounds pretty cool. Do they come out translucent? Ask your husband for me, please.
Anyway, good luck. Let me know what you find out.

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he does'nt know anything else :( but i found some stuff to dip dried flowers in, and when it dries, it hardens. it's also clear. i got it at a craft store, wish i knew the name for you. i will keep checking around, and let you know k?

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Thanks! Good luck.

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what is the ceramic stuff?

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I don't remember the name. I will look for it the next time that I am in a hobby store and write down the information for you. I have never tried it myself. The last time I was in this little hobby shop near my home, I noticed that they had Krylon glass spray paint. It is for painting glass, but it was above spray paint for flowers. I wonder if that is what your husband saw.

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well, actually an ex girlfriend told him about this stuff. i keep asking him to call her and ask, but he won't. i trust him. how do you dry flowers?

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Hi Jeanna,
I like pressing flowers the best. When I want to dry them, I use silica gel crystals or hang them upside down to air dry. Silica gel crystals are available at most of the larger hobby shops. Complete directions are on the container. I hope this is of help.

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There's a product called Petal Porcelain...I am pretty sure ite from Plaid...... you may want to look it up at plaidonline.com I think all you have to do is dip the flower in the "goop" and then it makes it like china.

Good Luck!

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Dear Jeanna,
The Petal Porcelain that Melissa mentioned is the product that I was refering to. I am so glad that she came up with the name. I hope it works out for you.

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Kay_H(NE MI-Z5)

On the Plaid website it says that this product is for silk flowers. Has anybody used it for dried flowers?


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I have sprayed some dried flowers with a high gloss varnish
which made them shine but I didn't really care for the non
natural look. I have also dried peonies and then dipped them
in wax for two reasons..to preserve longer and stronger and
also because bugs live on deep inside and will eat away or
reproduce and you have moths flying all over.

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Dear Jeanna,
Petal porcelain is for silk flowers and items made of fabric. I've used it quite a bit when putting flowers on the side of gift baskets. Silk flowers dipped into it do not come out shiney...you have to paint them and then apply an acrylic glaze. You may want to look into a product called Crystal Sheen. This is a fast drying polymer that dries in a high gloss glass like finish. Creative Wholesale carries it. Their ph. # is(707)443-9323. There might be places close to you that would carry this.

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littleonefb(zone 5, MA)

I'm interested in the wax dipping to preserve flowers. How do you do it. Can I use fresh flowers or do they have to be dried first. My daughter just received a beautiful orchid lei as a gift for waitressing for a rehearsal dinner tonight and she would like it preserved, it's so beautiful.
I didn't want to press it, but keep the shape of the flowers
and maintain the lei for her. does anyone have any advise before the flowers start to turn brown? Right now I sprinkled the lei with water and but it in a ziploc bag in the frig. Hope someone can help

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The reason for my user name, is an amazing product I found that allows my wife and myself to dry most flowers easily reatining their color and shape-but the orchids and lilies do not dry well even with this product-sorry I wish I had an answer for you

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annemarie(6 MI)

Are you talking about "ShatterProof" made by EnviroShield? I've found it makes the flowers a little too shiny for my liking, maybe I'm doing something wrong with it?

Have you tried "Clear Crowning Glory" made by John Henry? I like it but couldn't tell you if it works any better on Lilies and Orchids.

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How can I preserve crabapples or berries for use on grapevine wreaths.

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