what can okra pods be used for?

melani_moAugust 21, 2002

For the farmers market this year, I am growing burgundy okra in addition to the green. The pods are beautiful and range in color from red to purple to burgundy. When I let some grow longer than edible size they get even deeper in color with a nice texture.

Any ideas on how these might be used in crafts or decorations? I'm pretty good at following directions, but not much on imagination :)



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MeLani, I've read that they can just be left on the plant in your garden until fall...then just cut the entire stem and bring in before frost. Then hang upside down to finish drying. I think they would look great hanging on the thick stem arranged alone in a big pot or with other dried material...perhaps grasses. I've wondered if the burgundy color would remain after drying. Even in shades of brown, though, I think the pods would be a nice addition to a wreath or swag of other dried material. Would you repost here and let us know about your results and if burgundy color remains? Thanks, jo

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cindip(z7 NC)

I saw some made into angels. The pod is the body, I can't remember what they used for the head. I believe they used some type of crepepaper or rafia for the wings.

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I saw them painted into Santa tree ornaments and also, elves or gnomes. Did you do a google search>?
Whatever you decide to do, please come back and post your pictures here.

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I have used dried okra pods along with corn shucks and dried magnolia pods for a fall/winter wreath along with other dried naturals... makes a lovely Thanksgiving wreath. A hot glue gun will come in handy to attach the pods to a straw wreath or a wreath made from twigs, from vines, like grapevines, honeysuckle vines, and ivy vines.. I like to spray a clear finish over the entire wreath to preserve the textures and to avoid insects from entering the dried pods..

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