Different mattings. Any suggestions?

yellowhair(z7-KY)August 9, 2003


I've been drying some flowers, also some pretty weeds (gotta find the names). I've collected some frames which I intend on painting black and I've got some white cardstock that I want to use as matting on some. I want to do groupings of 3 to 12. Kinda looking for a contemporary look.

What else is there to use besides paper, or cardboard, matting? Is cloth too flimsy?

PS I saw on TV where someone had taken interesting weeds with the stems, dried them, glued them to some type of paper, but they had also named them and had the label down at the bottom of the plant. Really interesting. I had done some smaller ones, but didn't include the label. Theirs was a larger frame, say 12 x 15", and they had 4-5 dried plants -----very nice!

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You can use cloth easily...just glue it around your cardboard backing. I've used silk, or burlap, depending on the plants used and whether the effect I want is "formal" or "fun". You can get some marvelous effects playing around with fabric.
Another idea is to use wallpaper samples...some have a suede like finish, others a satiny look, in colors from ivory to deep brown (good for pale dried grass seedheads,for instance).

I've even used nylon pantyhose material in small frames...lovely taupe shades to compliment the colors of lighter colored flowers, or pale for deeper colored flowers. (I'm constantly looking for re-use...lace from old lingerie makes nice borders...smile).

Just play around and have fun. jo

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Great ideas! I plan on trying some of these. Would have never thought of the pantyhose.

Just saw some framings on Kitty Barthalomeow and they were saying that the botanicals were used for medicinal purposes until some keen decorators saw how nice they looked and began using them. So that's how it all got started. Very exciting!

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