dried allium

mrtulinAugust 9, 2003

I have a half dozen beautiful allium christophii flower heads. I am air drying them bundled, upside down because the soft stems cannot support the big flower head. However, I;m sure the stems will never support those big flowers.

Is florist wire what I want to insert into the stems? What guage or size? Any other suggestions?

Also, what are your most successful decorative uses of these unusal plants. The heads are so interesting I could see cutting off the stems and using them somehow.


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Ida, I've used bamboo skewers, usually available about 15" long, to support stems. You can glue two together to make them longer..just extend one below the other about halfway...does this make sense?

Also, if I were you I'd disentangle the bunch and hang each separately. When dried they are fairly fragile and it will be hard to separate without damage.

As to other uses, they make beautiful xmas tree decorations...just cut off head and tuck into branches. I've seen them sprayed white, gold or silver for this use. I just used them natural along with bits of things made from artemesia, other seedheads, small baskets, straw ornaments, etc.

The heads also look great just piled in wooden platter ...maybe atop some potpourri. jo

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I have been trying to find dried allium head for an art project where I wrap them in wire but with no success, would you possibly be interested in selling some of your heads?


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