I stiuck my wedding bouquet in the freezer by mistake HELP!

lacacc(NY)September 25, 2003

I have no idea what possesed me to do such a thing. I must have been in a daze when I was running to catch my plane for the honeymoon and thought that freezing my bouquet would hold it off till I got back. Well I soon learned that was the worst thing I could have done. I realize that it is not likely I can save it but I have been experimanting with other flowers to try and figure out a way to save it but I have not been very successful. It is mostly white roses and was hoping to save it. I was thinking I would buy some silica gel and that if I slowly thawed it and maybe drying it in the silica gel would help. Also, I considered possibly thawing it and baking on very low or in the microwave to remove the moisture. I would appreciate any suggestions if anyone can help.

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VKL5949(z5 IL)

Did you ever see frozen flowers out in the garden? Well you have got the same thing in your freezer! Not to be confused with freeze dried. Silica gel will remove moisture not replace cells and tissues. Best bet is try what you like but keep the Hefty bag close. Sorry--but at least it was AFTER the wedding! Good Luck! Tootles

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