Spraying w/ seaweed.

ChristianTXAugust 17, 2002

August in Central Texas usually means drought.Up until this year I struggled to keep my plants happy. This spring I finally got smart and listened to my local organic nursery. They had been trying to sell me liquid seaweed every time I made a purchase. I finally gave in and started using it this spring. Every couple of weeks I applied it to the foliage of my plants as directed, alternating every other week with fish emulsion. The results have been outstanding. Yesterday evening I went to take a look at the gardens I had unwantingly neglected for the last couple of weeks. I was amazed to see all of my plants looking strong and healthy. Some of them were even putting on new growth. I didn't see any drooping leaves or dead plants. This has been the most succesful summer I've had w/ my plants.I've learned alot since my start in gardening 6 years ago. I learned to use alot of mulch and to buy native plants. Just thought I would share some tips that help me to survive the drought. :)

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flower_fairy(z6a MA)

I don't think I've ever heard of liquid seaweed. How do you apply it? Can you put it on everything? Is it an anti-transpirant, or how does it work? And the fish emulsion is just to feed, right? Thanks- Marty

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flowergirl_VA(z7 VA)

Thanks for the tip on the seaweed. Do you have any idea how it works to help the plants through drought conditions?

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Have you ever used it on tomato plants? We have been having some intense heat up here in the PNW. You Texans would laugh, but for us up here in the left corner of the country, it's something we are not used to very often.

A week of 90-100 degree days is a shock to the system for us.

Thanks for the good info.


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I use maxicrop (liquid seaweeed ) all the time. It is great to reduce shock when you transplant. Also will soak plants overnight if they are new or sometimes before transplanting. I think it's just a wonderful garden help, couldn't do without it anymore.

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lots of minerals
exellent stuff to folar feed with

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ohiorganic(5/6 SW Ohio)

I just read an article in Acres USA where a Kiwi grower in NZ did moisture measurements around plants that had kelp and/or fish emulsion applied folierally and found that immediatly after application the humidity went way up (like 5%) he had instruments to measure this. From the looks of things the kelp/fish emulsion actually pulls water out of the air and into the leaves but he had no explaination why. this would explain why you plants folier fed kelp are doing well and also why kelp and fish emulsions keep plants from freezing.

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