Borax and cornmeal to dry flowers

Elysa(z7 OR)September 3, 2003

Has anyone ever used borax and cornmeal to dry flowers? I have a book that says the mixture can be used. But it doesn't say how much to use of each in the mix. Any ideas on the amount to use? Elysa

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Have had good success with only Borax. It works well with delicate flowers that do not dry well by hanging. Queen Anne's Lace is one example. I put about an inch of Borax in the bottom of a leak proof container. I place tissue or paper towel over the layer of Borax. I leave several inches of stem on the flower. I place the flower facing downward on the paper towel. I carefully cover the flower to a depth that the stem will stand upright. Leave the flowers undisturbed until the stem is dry. Carefully remove and brush off any clinging Borax with a soft brush. I have also dried Shasta Daisies with this method with very satisfactory results.

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The main problem with corn meal and borax is that it sticks to the flower centers and is hard to remove without damaging the dried flower. There is a new type of silica gel that is micro beads (rather than the usual sugar looking silica gel). It dries very well and does not stick at all. The best that I have found.

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Millet, Could you give us the brandname and where you found the beaded silica gel? I sure am afraid of my big canister of the powdered type because it is hard to use without breathing in the fine dust...and I know it can't be good for you. Thanks. jo

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This is the reason I cover the Borax with the paper and place the flowers face downward. Another tissue may also be placed over the backs before covering with Borax. I leave the container in a dry environment and there is very little sticking to the flowers which can easily be blown away or brushed away with a soft brush. I never combine corn meal with the Borax. Borax may be purchased in the laundry products section of the supermarket. Best of Luck.

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