Valentine's Tea

lavender_lass(4b)February 9, 2011

Please stop by the conversation forum, anytime tomorrow and join us for Valentine's Tea! If you'd rather have hot chocolate, that's fine is Valentine's after all :)

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Don't forget, we have tea every Thursday! :)

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pippi21(Z7 Silver Spring, Md.)

I'm invited to a Valentine Tea tomorrow. I know my friend has worked so hard at getting her dining room ready for this event. Evidently there will be 6 of us. Looking forward to meeting this gardening friend's friends that I hear her speak of so often. Should I take a small gift for the hostess? This lady has a real green thumb and her front and back yard and inside the house is full of flowers and plants..

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Oh, how fun to be going to a Valentine's Tea. What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon...and meet your friend's friends.

Also, I think it's a very nice idea, to bring your friend a small gift, for hostessing the tea :)

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I'm on a sugar-free diet now. Going to try my hand at making Valentine butter cookies using 'Splenda' and Omega3 Blend Butter and see how they taste.
I made banana & peanut butter bread with walnuts & golden raisins and it came out awesome.



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Annie- I've never tried Splenda, but let me know how they turn out! I'm always on the look out for good ways to make treats, for friends on restricted diets :)

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A sugar-free diet? Oh, no. That would be SO hard for me to follow, but I do use Splenda in my tea if I don't have honey. Pastries are my downfall. Thank goodness my glucose tests are negative so far.

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I did it to get off sugar. I've lost 17lbs since I kicked sugar to the curb on January 2nd. Since doing that, most of my other health issues disappeared as well. My belly fat is going and even though I haven't lost that much weight, I have lost a lot of inches. I feel awesome and have all kinds of real energy. I am able to do things I haven't been able to do or felt like doing in a long time. No more ups and downs. No more colon problems. No more skin problems. My nail fungus is going away. (the sugar was feeding it).

The Splenda is awesome. I've tried them all, and Splenda won hands down with me.

Not only did I cut out sugar, but I am also watching my carb intake.I bought a diabetic cookbook and use it for cooking and baking, except I watch my carbs more strictly.
I learned that there are certain fats that actually help your body burn body fat, like Avocados, Walnuts and Peanut butter, believe it or not. I use Omega 3 brand butter-blend for cooking, and Omega3 spread with Flax for eating on cooked foods, like toasted English Muffins. Peanut butter helps burn fat too, but I use the Omega3 brand because it is not hydrogenized. I found Mrs. Butterworth's Pancake syrup with no sugar and it is delicious. It is made with Splenda.

It is going to be my new way of eating from here on out. I feel so awesome! I have 20 more pounds to lose to reach my initial goal. When Spring arrives, I am sure I will lose more weight because I will be working hard out in the garden.

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You have great will power, Annie! Several years ago, I also cut my sugar intake and lost weight and felt good; but I had a relapse, ha. The one thing I continue to limit is soda, esp. Coke. I was practically addicted to the stuff, now I only have one occasionally. I used to do alot of walking too plus the garden work and mowing really helped.

Keep up the good work, you've inspired me to give it another go.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Congratulations Annie!! You are doing super.

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I had my annual checkup on Thursday. All is great. He also did an ekg and my heart is in great shape. I go back next week for bone density tests. He has some new way of testing that is supposed to be more thorough - more precise. That is interesting.
In March, I go in for all the female exams to make sure all is well there. Not my favorite, but, oh well. Goes with the territory.

It's cloudy out today and looks like rain, but we only have a 20% chance of getting any. Even after all that snow we had in January, we are still in a severe drought. Ponds I have never seen even low are now dried up. There are High Fire Alerts every day. Prairie and woodland fires are a threat. We need RAIN!

I think I will go out and wash my car - that ought to increase the possibilities!

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