Any ideas for Christmas ornaments from the garden????

flowersandthings(MidAtlantic 6/7)September 23, 2004

Any ideas for Christmas ornaments from the garden???? Flowers, seed pods, cones, seashells..... although that's not really garden.... branches etc.???? Here's a few cute ideas.... here's a picture of an okra angel.... with instructions attached..... I know I know I'm thinking of Christmas already.... the okra angel' a little funny looking but nice for kids.... I'm trying to think of crafts for kids (or myself!) with garden things..... my mother works with children and always wants new ideas.... I was also thinking of setting up a few small trees throughout the ouse inaddition to the regular tree with a garden, seaside or other naturey theme..... :) Any links or ideas ??????

Here is a link that might be useful:

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This floral bird nest is pretty in the Christmas tree. EP

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flowersandthings(MidAtlantic 6/7)

That's nice.... :)

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I have not been able to connect with your picture. Some kind of 'directory' page comes up when I click on your link. EP

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Allium seedheads and dried hydrangea can just be tucked into branches, little bundles of cinnamon sticks, and lavender and little dried flower bouquets, popcorn and cranberry strings, coconut and orange and grapefruit half-rinds filled with almonds, tiny wreaths made of honeysuckle or other vines, decorated with dried berries or flowers or left plain, sweetgum balls or small pinecones touched up with silver or gold paint. All these and more I can't remember I used one year on indoor tree when my son was about 4-5. He was able to help with most all of it and he had fun gathering up some of his tiny toys to add to the tree.
(The next year he insisted on a return to tinsel & gilt of more tradional xmas tree! lol
Tht year and most years since we still decorate an outside tree for the birds/squirrels. Short "icicles" of cranberries and popcorn glued on both sides of wood tongue depressors or popsicle sticks (afraid to use long strings for fear of birds getting tangled). Coconut and grapefruit halves filled with suet/nut/raisin/cornmeal mix, apples and oranges halved and suspended in net bags (woodpeckers and chickadees loved these). Pinecones smeared with chunky peanut butter. Dried ears of corn. Place this tree (it can be a deciduous tree like Dogwood...the better to see all the activity) near a window and honestly it's our favorite "decorating" for xmas. josh

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Does anyone know how to make those plantable ornaments that have seed in some kind of biodegradble fiber/paper? You plant the whole ornament later and it grows into flowers,etc. I would love to know how to make my own. Seeds of Change has some pretty dove shaped ornaments but they are kind of expensive.

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shiro- that's exactly it, they're really just seeds embedded in handmade paper :) the papermaking forum will have the picky bits- but it's basically make a slurry of shredded paper and water in a blender, add 'fancy bits' (dyes, seeds, fibers, potpourri) and blend in with a spoon, sheets are made by spreading the stuff on a piece of screening, and pressing the water out, or I've seen some people using little candy molds- though with the seeds, I'd be afraid it would take so long to dry that they would germinate.

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:) I wound up with a bunch of hot peppers that look much better than they taste, so I'm bundling them up half a dozen at a time, wrapping the stem and forming a loop at the top to hang them from, and calling them ornaments (SIL collects pepper-themed items, she'll love them)

haven't gotten around to adorning them with anything yet, though!

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nanaimopatti(zone 8)

How about a tomato cage angel. Turn tomato cage upside down, wire together at top. Head is a ballon blown up and cover ballon with muslein or off white material which has been soaked in starch and water/let dry. Use a fine tipped felt marker to draw on eyes,brows,nose and mouth. bend a wire coat hanger across top of tomao cage and wire on for the arms. Sew angel dress with hood and mitts out of white material trimmed with feathers or fun fur. photocopy song sheets/glue to light weight cardboard and make book cover with fancy colored foil wrapping paper - she then becomes a singing angel.

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Is there some way to prep the outdoor plants (boughs, holly, etc) so the wee beasties won't come indoors?

I imagine Home Depot and all spray their trees with something, and I'd like to do the same- all too often I bring in flowers and what have you, only to be inundated with "stuff" that hatched from the branches...

Thank you!


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birdgardner(NJ/ 6b)

I saw a really pretty angel in a very pricey store - its head was a poppy seedhead, and wings were milkweed pods, and body was a rolled cone of paper. You could also use the okra pod but the dried okra pod i have is so long that my angel would look like a winged snake.

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Kim, you can swish branches thru some soapy water or even plain water spray from a hose will help remove dust and I imagine most beasties. If you're collecting a lot, spreading out on a white sheet in garage and examining closely as you lift each branch to take in house helps. No guarantee, though. ~smile~josh

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tyshee(Z 3 & 4)

This is what I am doing. Easy and fairly fast.

Here is a link that might be useful: Using spray paint and dried weeds and plants

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Tyshee, Your arrangements are absolutely stunning! josh

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tyshee(Z 3 & 4)

Thank you Josh. We went out today and gathered wild wheat which is the key to the arrangements I think. We also gathered wild parsnip, celery, fireweed and other seed pods. It was so cold and the wind was blowing but I wanted to make some more things and practice makes perfect. I have been giving them to the elderly and so forth. Lots of fun and cheap. I ran out of vases so started on old glasses and whatever I can find. I will try the Salvation Army to see if they have any vases or cool containers. I could use other things but then I would have to buy oasis and I hate that stuff.

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I'm still gathering stuff, too. Our temps are in the 60's so it's very pleasant wandering around the garden or nearby fields & roadsides. As to containers, I've used all the items you mentioned plus things like oatmeal box weighted with rocks, wrapped in burlap & tied with sisal. Or for fancier presentation, wrap a milk carton in white nylon net or crepe paper and tie with gold cord or colored ribbon. I get a kick out of low-cost low-tech solutions. What can be more fun than enjoying flowers & foliage fresh, then dried, then painted and extending the pleasure for still another season! josh

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tyshee(Z 3 & 4)

Josh no rocks here under as they are under the snow and ice and frozen to the ground. I could use sand though so thanks for another idea. I am eyeing a coke bottle that has a nice shape. I can cut it off and put sand in it. Oh I love recycling garbage.

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