keeping peegees upright

mrtulinSeptember 27, 2003

I harvested an armful of hydrangea...they are so top heavy that they fall headfirst out of any container. I thought about oasis, but wouldn't wet oasis be counter to drying the flower heads? I think they'd pull right out of marbles. Flower frogs? (where are mine?)

Someone has a simple, obvious answer, I know.



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well- oasis is only wet if you add water- but you could also try the foam that they use for dried arrangements (open celled stuff, comes in cones and balls and shapes)...

but I'd be partial to the frogs, if I was planning on letting them droop naturally- or I'd dry them hanging (a pants hanger is good for this, actually) to get the stems straight- they weigh a lot less dry.

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lizziem62(z4 Ont.)

i hang mine upside down for a little while, i find they have a nicer look. i also touch them up with a little burgundy spray paint if they are a little brown instead of pink. you would NEVER know!

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