drying crabapples and berries

Phil901September 7, 2003

How can I go about drying/preserving crabapples or berries for use on grapevine wreaths?????

Thanks, I would appreciate any help


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Phil, I've dried berries of Nandina, Pyracantha, Dogwood, Bayberry, some Viburnum. Chinaberry, and Popcorn Tree (Sapium), just by laying on a wire rack, or standing stems in a jar (no water). Even tried Phytolacca (Poke Salad) in the still green stage. In fact, even Blueberries in the green-pink stage will dry okay. I've never tried Crabapple, but I'd try some still in the hard green or just coloring stage, along with the red. You might get a nice range of colors plus if they are very large Crabapples, they may rot if they are too ripe. Good luck! jo

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Your information was very helpful. I would like to dry crabapples for my sister's wedding in mid-October. Do you remember how long it took for the blueberries and other berries to dry standing in an empty cup? Thanks!

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sylky00(z6 KY)

I think the crabapples are beautiful, too, and tried drying them. As Josh said, the earlier you pick them the better. The ones I picked that were just turning color did the best. Sadly, they didn't end up drying, but they did last for several months. I wouldn't give up, though. Your humidity levels & other factors may differ enough from mine that yours would dry. Drying flowers, berries, fruits, etc. involves a lot of trial and error. Good luck with your efforts!

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