Uses for baptisia seed pods?

helen4September 16, 2002

I am looking for ways to use the pods on my really large baptisia shrub in floral wreaths. They are really durable and a nice shape, but they are black. Has anyone else used these successfully?

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neil_allen(z5/6 Chi IL)

We haven't done it yet, and we aren't planning on wreaths, but bouquets.

For bouquets, the big problem is getting them with a decent stem. The solution for us, so far, is to cut the main stem that the pods are on off at just about ground level. Then trim everything but the sub-stem with the pods off that main stem.

My wife, who puts the bouquets together, is thinking about using some small heads of red celosia with the baptisia. I think something foamy like solidster also might work.

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I know someone who sprays them gold.

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My baptisia is small (I think it needs to be moved to a sunnier spot.) I carefully save the few pods I have to use as they are. The black can be a very effective accent.

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