Preserving and gilding blueberry bush leaves

smg2October 5, 2009


I am donating centerpieces for 40 tables at an upcoming charity fundraiser. The centerpieces will incorporate gilded branches/leaves from some low lying wild blueberry bushes that I have growing in my back yard. Before I go and cut 150+ branches, I want to make sure I'll be able to successfully preserve and gild the branches and leaves. I have read about the glycerin solution method. Will this work for blueberry bushes? There are lots and lot of leaves on each branch.

And once they are preserved, can you help me with the best method to paint them gold? Spray painting will work, but I will be wasting a lot of paint. Is there a way to "dip" the branches? And, what is the best gold paint to use?

Thanks in advance for this. As I am donating the centerpieces, I want to make sure I have a solid plan so that I don't waste $$ experimenting.


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