Sweet Annie

JoParrott(Central Florida)October 5, 2003

I used to live in Louisiana and had lots of Sweet Annie- Since moving to FL, I can't find any plants. I ordered a pkg of seeds and only managed to sprout a few, which are really puny and struggling. Does anyone have any plants to sell or give away? I really want to get some going. I keep the dried sprigs in every room to sprinkle on the floor when vaccuuming- it keeps the vaccuum smelling so fresh! Thanks JO

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Kathy547(z8 AR)

Just came across this post while searching for more information on sweet annie. I received some from a trader & could split what I have with you, if you are still looking for some. JLMK at ksw0316pbl@netscape.net

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Do you have any guidance for growing Artemisia annua
(Sweet Annie) indoors?

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runningriot(z4 MN)

I doubt that sweet annie would grow indoors, unless you have large pots and a greenhouse...my plants grew to over 6 feet tall and 4 feet wide last summer!
Seed is available at Fedco Seeds.

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anav8r(z6 far east PA)

If I grow Sweet Annie in the garden, and let it go to seed, will it regenerate by itself the next year? It seems to grow as a weed, so wouldnt that happen?

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JoParrott(Central Florida)

Yes, it will reseed prolifically! I had them all over my yard in Louisiana, but when I moved here to FL 2 yrs ago, I couldn't find any- had to pay big bucks for 2 plants mail order! But they are thriving in my sandy soil and heat here- Good luck with them.

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elysaw(z7 OR)

This is my first time growing sweet annie. My plants are at less 6 ft tall and growing. When do they bloom? And does any one know when they should be picked, want to make sure they don't reseed themsselves? I have four rows, so I will probably have plenty to share. Elysa

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JoParrott(Central Florida)

My Sweet Annie plants (2 that I ordered through the mail) are not doing well at all- they are in full sun in sandy soil- One has sprouted strange appearing branches, and they are all turning brown. The other is dyint from the top down. Can someone tell me what is wrong? I really want to get some plants established here in Florida.Anyone know of plant sources?

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