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annemarie(6 MI)October 29, 2002

The weather is getting colder and we've had some time to get the feel of our Dried and Pressed Flowers Forum. Now it's time to make a Forum FAQ! This will be broken down into 2 steps.

First, what questions should be in the FAQ? Make suggestions for questions here, and we'll take the top 10 or so.

Once we get our questions, we'll post a message for each one asking for suggestions on how it should be answered.

Then, the questions and answers will be compiled into our Forum FAQ.

Thanks for your help!


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cindip(z7 NC)

I think one FAQ should be on the type of press to use. There are several different ways to press and someone starting out would like other opinions.

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How about a list of which flowers press well, and which are best dried whole?

How to store them once pressed and dried?

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I would like to see pictures made up of pressed flowers so I could get some ideas.

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Violetrose(Sunset 24)

I am very new to this craft. So, I have many questions. Here are a couple I have at the moment.

In making greeting cards out of pressed flowers, what are good paper choices?

Is white glue an appropriate adhesive in making greeting cards? If not what would be good?

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annemarie(6 MI)

The Dried & Pressed Flowers Forum was somewhat new when I first brought this topic up. We had fewer posters and there wasn't much input. Now we've had some time to get a feel for what this forum is all about.

So, what are the basic questions that should go into our FAQ to help out the newbies and just plain curious? What type of information does everyone want at their fingertips?

We need to choose our general FAQ topics and then we can talk about how they should be answered. Lets have some discussion and suggestions!

Who wants to start?

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led_zep_rules(5 WI)

Hi, I don't want to press flowers. I want to dry them to use in making grapevine wreaths and such. I read some books about drying flowers, and had a hard time finding the right kind of sand to use. I went to nurseries and garden centers all over. So advice for people on where to get the silica sand (Menard's had it in WI, I think Frank's Nurseries also carry it) might be helpful. Also, advice on what things dry well by hanging up vs. by drying in sand or silica gel would be helpful to many of us.

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I would like to know how to preserve flowers by using glycerin.

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Posie(z3 MN)

Yes, more about using glycerin. And standing flowers in a dye solution, what are some of the flowers that would absorb the dye?

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suzannie(zn6 pa)

How long can pressed flowers be stored?

What kinds of things can be made with pressed flowers?

Which flowers come out the best?

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Do these interest anyone?

At what stage should various things be cut to forestall shattering as they dry?

Is there a best point in the drying period to work your material into a finished product? If you work while it is still a little flexible will it shrink? mold? bend?

How do you handle things like eryngium that keep an interesting shape but lose their beautiful color? And, are there plant-specific ways of maximizing color retention?

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stefoodie(Z6 OH)

What flowers are best for drying, period?
For a wreath?
Actually would be interested in ANYTHING that can be dried for a wreath, even if they're not flowers. e.g., millet, etc. I hope this is still the right forum for the information I'm requesting:-)


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I have some great pictures of my trays decorated with pressed fruits.. how can I post them here?

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flowersandthings(MidAtlantic 6/7)

What is the best way to dry flowers?
Answer : As well as which plants are best for each method:
glycerin method and instructions
Microwave method and instructions
silica gel method and instructions
air drying method and instructions
other methods?
What is the best method to press flowers?
Info on flower presses
Info on pressing in books
Other methods?
Info on which paper to press with.... blotting paper etc.
Info on how to seal pressed flowers, wax laminate etc.
What are some of the most popular flowers for drying?
Info on how to preserve your dried pressed flowers the longest..... i.e. keep away from light etc.

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