eucalyptus need drying?

melani_moOctober 8, 2002

I have many eucalyptus branches that I want to sell to a crafter. Can they be used immediately after cutting them from the tree? Do they need some type of drying or other process to be ready for use in wreaths, etc.



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Hello Mel,

How Ironic, I just did the same, and it is very simple process. To make eucalyptus pliable you'll need to use the glycerine process and this will keep your branches nice and soft . All you have to do is go to the drugstore and buy some glycerine. Take one part glycerine to Two parts water and put your branches upright in a vase ensuring there is atleast 2" of fluid. To ensure the mix will penetrate the branches mash the ends of the branches with a hammer. This process takes about a week or two and you'll know that they are done when the tips feel soft and waxy. I use this for alot of different branches in the fall from oaks to holly or just colorful stems...keeps the leaves soft and they don't fall off. Have fun! By the way, the liquid can be reused over and over again.

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