Has anyone grown russian statice?

flowersandthings(MidAtlantic 6/7)October 22, 2004

Has anyone grown russian statice...... Psylliostachys suworowii or Limonium Suworowii ..... I think they're synoyms..... ? :)

Here's are a couple of pictures:


Here is a link that might be useful: photos pictures etc.

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sylky00(z6 KY)

I have tried several times to grow it. The spikes would only get 2 or 3" high. I think it doesn't like our humidity. It's too bad, because the blooms, such as they were, kept their color well.I've wondered, too, if others had success with it.

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neil_allen(z5/6 Chi IL)

I've grown it with pretty mixed results. At best, we get stems about 8 to 10 inches long and the plants produce for a few months. I don't know whether it's drought or wetness that does them in, but they usually seem to rot out by midsummer.

It seems they really hate cold weather. We've done best when they've been protected with row cover until June. They also may not like transplating -- that's what some sources say. I may try treating them more like celosia than like regular statice -- wait to start it until mid-May or so, then transplant when very young into warmed soil. I may even try direct sowing in early June.

It dries very nicely and it's useful in bouquets, so I'm going to keep trying to get bigger flower spikes and more of them.

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Clare(z6 MO)

One year I tried several statice. They all did very poorly. They did bloom on stalks of useable length, but the flower heads were really short, about 1/4 inch if I remember correctly. Like Sylky00, I had the impression that it was the humidity of summer that they did not like. I would not bother trying them again.

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I've grown this flower many years now. We are in Homer, Alaska which is on the ocean with cool summers (like 70 max if we're lucky). I've grown it in mostly well drained spots with average to good fertility and full sun. It doesn't mind transplanting and once it gets going, needs little care. It has always produced large spikes (up to 18 inches) for me and even tolerates our cool soils and nights down to upper 30's. Good luck!

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lily51(OH 5)

I have had very good success this summer with Suworowii, last year not so good. Two years ago, had poor germination (start them in greenhouse), but last year and this year they did very well.
They have been blooming for about a month....but would guess they'll bloom for a while, but not the whole summer. They are planted in raised bed and not raised bed, doing well in both. The summer has been dry and hot, but I keep them well-watered.

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