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maartendAugust 21, 2007

HI there,

My name is Maarten and I am a designer researching water irrigation systems and hoping to learn more about different views on how you take care of your garden.

Here are some questions which I greatly appreciate getting your feedback on. The list may seem a little long but feedback on any question would be super helpful!

You can respond directly to this posting or e-mail me at gardenresearcher@yahoo.com

Thank you.

Questionnaire - Water irrigation

General Info

ÂDescribe your garden (what vegetation, size of lawn

ÂWhy do you like your garden, how does it make you feel, mood?

ÂAny other activities that make you feel that way?

ÂHow long have you been gardening, and why?

ÂHow often in the week do you garden, and are there occasions when you pay extra attention to the garden?

ÂWhen during the day do you garden, and for how long at a time?

ÂDo you garden alone or with others?

ÂWhich part of the garden(s) requires the most attention, and what do you enjoy the most?

Your system

ÂWhat is your current process or system for watering?

ÂWhich parts of the garden do you water regularly, and are there different areas to the garden with different needs?

ÂHow often do you water, are there different schedules throughout the seasons.

ÂWhat do you like and dislike about your current system? (any big pain points)

ÂWhat (if anything) do you worry or get concerned about? (e.g. poor coverage, water conservation, enough water, etc)

ÂAny Improvised homemade solutions

ÂWhy + when + where did you buy your current water irrigation products (features, functions?)

ÂWhat are you looking for when you are shopping for water irrigation products (material, form, color?)

ÂWhat would you replace next  and what would you look for  same or different?

ÂHave you had any issues installing or setting up the current system in the past  what elements are most apparent?

ÂDoes it require maintenance and how do you maintain it?

ÂIf applicable, where do you store the product(s) (indoors and outdoors)?

ÂAre you looking into expanding the existing or buying a new system entirely? Where do you shop for them?

ÂHave you seen anything that you think is really great on the market that you would like to get?? (innovative features, and functional improvements)

Your Ideal garden irrigation system

oWhat could make the process better for you?

oWhat other features would you like to introduce?

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