I'm shootin' 'em, then taking notes

ClaudinoAugust 20, 2002

I will admit that the usual photos I shoot of my garden are taken after much primping of the leaves and deadheading of spent blooms, then watering the foliage and surrounding grounds, followed by strict cropping and making sure the light is "sexy". I then send the pictures to my out-of-state relatives and friends to proove that "YES" I can, indeed, garden in the desert.

This year I have decided to shoot another batch of pix (which nobody ese will ever see). They're strictly UNEDITED show-all shots. I've taken notes to go along with them.

I figure it can't hurt to plant more or the stuff that worked, less of what was mediocre, and get rid of the total failures.

It'll help me out next year 'cause I (1) am getting old, (2) don't always have the time, (3) don't have as much on drip as I should, (4) sometmes my mind is a sieve and I just forget to water, and (5) I might want to go on a couple days' vacation sometime during summer.

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I needed that great chuckle just picturing you getting the light "sexy" for the garden photo shoot! I think it's a great idea to take photos and notes...to keep some sort of garden journal. During winter months, these aides are invaluable in keeping you to your senses when one gets plant envy and overload from those glorious seed/plant catalogs in the mail...LOL.

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