dried fruits/ christmas potpourri

cheyjohn_z5(6)December 8, 2004

I have been drying oranges, limes, cranberries, etc. to use in Christmas Crafts. I would like to combine them to make a potpourri that I can use in some of my crafts. Is there a certain proportion of each that every uses? I was thinking of adding cinnamon (sticks and/or powder), ground and whole cloves, whole allspice, anise, and possiblily some other ground spices. I am a bit scared to just throw it together because I don't want to waste it if it's wrong.

Do I have to use a fixative? I was hoping I didn't need it.

I would like to put some of this into muslin (or cut up old sheet material) bags to use with my crafts, but I am thinking the powder will come through and make a mess. I hope I have asked too many questions or totally confused anyone here.


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Chey, A good way to use ground spices is to make them up with applesauce into ornaments (or just plain small quarter-size discs for your potpouri). I've used ground cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, pumpkin pie mix...any old ground spices needing replacement. You can then add these to your potpourri in muslin sacks with no "leakage" problem. They're easy to make, keep their scent well with no preservative, make good tree decorations or package tie-ons too.

I've made pomanders: stuck cloves in oranges and just rolled in cinnamon and they dry well and smell good for a long time. On the other hand, my dried pomegranites (spelling wrong?) really don't have any scent once dried. Haven't really made potpourri myself...I received some as a gift and it has a strong lemony odor...besides fruit rind strips and bits of dried flowers/leaves it has wood shavings/chips which seem to be soaked in lemon extract. I thought if it ever needed renewing, I'd just try adding more lemon extract...smile.

Hope someone else can be more helpful. josh

Here is a link that might be useful: CINNAMON/APPLESAUCE RECIPE

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Applesauce ornaments! What a great idea and we are making these anyway. I can just make some quarter sized discs as you said and add to the potpourri! Hmmmm, think I will make some little balls also. You really hit on something here and have totally solved more than one problem for me! Thank you so much!


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tyshee(Z 3 & 4)

Josh it is lemon oil in the wood chips. You can use it on unbaked pottery dishes also. I found it in Florida and also found some at a flea market. Cost is around 4 to 5 dollars but a little goes a long way. The oil can be used in popourri (you do need the wood or iris root to hold the scent), simmered on the stove, used in soaps and lotions and list goes on and on. Extract isn't strong enough to last. I grind up popourri and add it along with a bit of oil to baking soda and give it as gifts. It is for the carpet and you can also take a bath in it. Everyone loves my carpet fresh and it is an inexpensive gift. Josh also try spraying old baskets for your dried flowers. I did two and they are already gone to new homes. That was my husbands idea. I also did a large sour cream container that came out nice. Thanks for your ideas on containers.

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Chey, now you've given me an idea. I've been making long narrow papier mache beads lately and needed small round beads for spacing...now I'll use the applesauce/cinnamon for beads. Thanks!

And Tyshee, I'm glad you told me about the lemon oil. I do love the lemon scent much better than most potpourri I've run across. josh

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camden-grey does really good essential oils- and a 4 ounce bottle of lemon oil is HUGE- and can be mixed up to half and half with a carrier oil (almond, safflower, vegatable) easily for soaking wood or terra cotta chips in :)

lime oil is also something special!

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Thanks, Chinacat. Looks like a good assortment of products at very reasonable prices. josh

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to chey the sante oil company makes great oils you can use them for anything and they are petroleum free you can find them at health food stores or on line, my question is i want to string cranberries and i want to dry them but i don't have a dehydrator how did you dry yours? thanx

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Jul, this is what I have learned from trying to dry cranberries. They take forever in a dehydrater... unless you poke a small hole in each one. I failed to read this last year and couldn't understand why after days my CB's still weren't dry. I have had good luck just putting them on a non stick cookie sheet at a very low temp in the oven also. Thanks for the info on the oil. I don't know how much time I am going to have to craft for Christmas this year, but this info will help if I do!


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