Anyone growing a Tree Tomato Plant?

dontommyg(6b)January 15, 2012

These are indigenous to south America and are supposed to be fast growers.

The tree has nice large leafs and also bears fruits that are almost egg shapped that go from yellow, green to red. The skin tastes aweful, but you can scoop out the fruit inside.

Either way I just picked one up today and was just wondering how old they have to be to bear fruit or at what height.

If you've never seen one check them out online as they are not too fussy to grow and do grow well, can be grown indoors, but fully grown they can get to about 8-10 ft high.



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I bought some tamarillo fruits(Tree tomato),I will sow the seeds on spring. If you have a plant,you will have fruits this year. I read that they don't like windy sites and hot temp.
Here is a link that might be useful:Tamarillo

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I grew a dozen or so about 10 years ago. Started early spring indoors, put out for summer, then brought them back to the greenhouse as it cooled off in fall.
My experience was that they were very sensitive to cold (much more than tomatoes or Brugmansias) and never amounted- and unlike my other "tropicals" they did die in the GH before it even got cold out.
They just seemed to reminiscent to Brugs, but culture wasn't as simple.

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