My edible landscape garden

charlieboringJanuary 8, 2013

I have a normal sized lot in the city. This year I should complete the initial phase of my edible landscape garden. The plan includes the following: 1. 10X20 vegetable garden (yard-long beans in back, two rows of swiss chards, two zucchini plants, two rows of bush beans, four tomato plants, mixed lettuce, parsley, 4 bell pepper plants, two jalopenia peppers); 2. Front yard landscape (sage, rosemarry, basil, 6 tomato plants, two bell peppers, two egg plants, two hot pepper, 2 bush cherry plants, 4 huckleberry plants, cherry tree, persimmon tree, strawberry patch, other non-edible flowers and plants); 3. back yard (hardy kiwi (2 female, 1 male on trellis), fuzzy kiwi (2 female, 1 male on trellis), 2 fig trees, two rasberry bushes, 2 jujube trees, 1 apricot tree, two peach trees, 1 cherry tree, two asian pear trees, two paw paw trees, plum tree, strawberry patch, raised bed (about 60 square feet with ground cherries, edible flowers, 2 goji berry plants, marigold flowers). Next to the raised garden I am placing a honey bee hive. I have built 2 mason bee houses to attract mason bees. I still have a couple of small spots to add a couple of bushes that can support partial shade.

Any suggestions?

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soaht(Central CA 9B)

Blueberries bush or pineapple guava bushes, these guava are not tropical at all so they well do fine in your zone and are very cold hardy.

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Yes, I have a suggestion. Photographs please. Also, I think your garden would look a lot nicer if you didn't plant in rows. Most plants are happy to live alongside a stranger.

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Aunty: In the spring I will upload pictures. I have three sides of the house landscaped and have different types of flowering bushes and flowers. Among thos plants, I plant my edible items. In the backyard I and a little orchard with the trees scattered all aound.

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Hey Charlie,

Your garden sounds pretty cool. I have been working on my own edible landscape as well and I do have a couple of suggestions. For your areas with part sun, consider service berries (aka Saskatoon berries or June berries).

Also, although you are growing raspberries, I would definitely have a triple crown thornless blackberry bush. Both the service berries and black berries are very easy to grow and taste great.

Another plant to consider is the currant bush. I think the berries are delicious although not everyone likes the taste. This plant will tolerate shade and like the others is easy to grow.

Any decent garden should also have a walking path, a water feature, wind chimes and ornamentation, and a place to sit. If you include these things, I think you will enjoy your garden a great deal more.

Finally, I agree with Aunty Kitchen. You need to share some photos even if it is winter. Good luck!

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TedTimmis: I am improving my yard in stages. I have the walking path made from concrete pavers, but I put them too far apart and allowed grass to grow between them, which I mow. This makes walking difficult and need to improve the path. I am waiting until I put in my raised garden bed, which will run along side some of the path. I have wind chimes and a bird feeder current hanging from one of my two dogwoods. Unfortunately the dogwoods are not in good locations and I am taking them out this spring. I have a bench in a corner area next to a fig tree, kiwi trellis and a azelea bush. I need to put in a water feature, build a bird house on a pole and line my beds with landscape blocks. I currently have a small bird bath. My next two large projects for the spring are the raised garden bed built with landscape blocks and another kiwi trellis.

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