I'm afraid I started my seeds too soon.

elizabethsneade(7a)January 22, 2009

This kind of goes in every category, because I've planted Herbs, Flowers, and Vegetables all from seed. I started out just wanting to grow a windowsill herb garden in my kitchen but as soon as they sprouted I kind of got crazy and ordered seeds of every plant I like.

I live on the eastern shore of Maryland and the last frost isn't until late april, I believe, so I have about 20 different kinds of seedlings that are almost ready to be transplanted but it's only January!

Does anyone have suggestions on keeping my plants alive for months inside? My pumpkin seeds are really taking over and I'm not sure what to do!

I also planted too many seeds together, especially with my herbs and veggies. Would picking some out be helpful to keep some alive?

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You can pick out separate seedlings carefully, transplant them into successively bigger plastic cups & then into actual containers with intent to stall until can work the ground.
Watch out for over watering & be consistent in the planting mix you use. ((See G.W.'s hydroponics & container forums for growing medium you can adapt in the interim.)
As for pumpkins & all the ground vine crops: seeds tend to jump up robustly & they really do not like their roots disturbed once they are big.

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Any chance you could convert a portable cold frame into a hot frame -- dig a 6-inch trench in the garden or raised bed, layer in 6 inches of fresh or near fresh horse or cow manure -- cover with an inch of sand, place the frame over the bed -- you now have hot frame that will be 20F warmer than the outside temp. You can grow on your seedlings in pots until transplant out time. It's an old Paris-market garden trick.

Here is a link that might be useful: HarvestToTable.com

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