black-thumbJanuary 23, 2013

Hello Everyone

I purchased a strawberry kit and planted the seeds according to the directions the last week in November but my plants are only an inch tall. Is this normal? I also planted tomatoes according to the package and they range from one to two inches tall.

It seems like the supermarket items I have been growing seeds from (bell peppers, whole ginger, cut scallions, garlic cloves and sweet potato slips) are growing much better and faster.

How long does it take tomato and strawberry plants to get a decent size? I'd be happy with twelve inches.


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The time it takes anything to grow depends upon the light, the water, the soild and the temperature.Tomatoes tend to grow roots before putting it enerfy into above soil growth. The same is true for strawberries. Just make sure they get plenty of sunlight, water and 68 degrees or higher.

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Thank you. It was beginning to think they might be duds that would never really grow.

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