best berries for the south ? louisiana

greenman62January 27, 2014

I live in New Orleans and am looking for raspberries or something similar to grow.

i know some have overwinter requirements, some years it never freezes here at all? ZONE 9b

i see a few people selling seeds for loganberry, Black Raspberry , Olallieberry
some at ebay, some at tradewindsfruit and other places
i thought the seeds go bad in days ?

i am looking mainly for taste, but productivity in a small space would help too.

any ideas ?

Anyone have cuttings to trade ?
i have lots of stuff, papaya, guava, malbar spinach seeds, also medicinals..., satsuma cuttings too


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The berries you mentioned are mostly for northern climates. You may be able to grow blueberries depending which part of LA you are in. Blackberries are great. Some other fruit to try would be kiwi, banana, and grapes (all do well in small space if trellised (bananas don't need trellis)

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maybe something like goji berry, if you go for a black berry go for rubus fruticosa '' thornless evergreen'' its a very vigoriious thornless blackberry that is a very heavy cropper. Japanese wineberry has thorns, lower yield but it is the most ornamental one with the best taste.

some lemon grass species (cymbopogon citratus) are also hardy in your zone and provide good taste and reliable crop. maybe get perilla which is also a fast grower.

some opuntia species are thornless and have edible fruits and pads. amaranthus species that have edibles.

some other tropical/subtropical stuff would be Feijoa sellowiana, Eriobotrya japonica, Citrofortunella microcarpa, Persea americana, pomegranate etc.

All trees take a while to produce a worthwhile crop so i would go for bushes, cultivars and shrubs/ climbers like kiwis and blackberries, goji berries etc.

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