Winter water restrictions?

bertoady(VT)September 16, 2002

Hello everyone,

Have any of you had water bans extend into fall and winter?

Though VT suffered summer drought for the second consecutive year (and three out of the last 5), we have never had a water ban/restriction here in our Queen City of Burlington. Lots of wells dried up in rural areas, and many farmers received emergency drought relief, but the ski areas always seem to be able to make snow....

Just curious!

Thanks -- Ber

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The last drought in England brought water restrictions which lastest through much of a very wet winter, including some serious floods! The claim that the rain was "the wrong kind of rain" received much ridicule at the time.


Here is a link that might be useful: Wrong Kind of Rain

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New Mexico faces that sort of situation. The aquifers (and reservoirs) are low and until they are replenished the drought will not be over.

The morns are meeker than they were,
The nuts are getting brown;
The berry's cheek is plumper,
The rose is out of town. - Emily Dickinson

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I think this is new territory for around Phila area. In my 48 years in this area, I cannot remember a drought this severe.. I may be way wrong... I do vaguely remember a mid 60's drought, when my Dad constantly complained --- I don't know how bad it was. It's moot now I guess, because of so many more people alive than at that time, using more water. I'm waiting to hear from officials about this coming winter, and waiting to see if my well water pressure changes. Lord!

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Elly1(zone 6)

Hello everyone,
Yes, we in Braintree, MA have winter water restrictions even if there are floods and severe storms. It seems that our town never takes water restrictions off once they put them on. In the winter (in zone 6) there is not much outside watering done - and we seldom have indoor water restrictions! The only problem is that no matter how wet the next spring is, the water restrictions remain on then as well - that is until someone reminds the powers that be that the reservoirs are full. I guess what I am trying to say, is that we sort of police ourselves here.
Nice to hear from everybody,

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Drought and water delivery are not always the same thing. Years ago I lived where the population was growing faster than the water treatment facilities could operate. We were on water rationing until the community could get a new plant operating.
I live in the southwest where drought happens every few decades. The last big drought had wells in this area drying up. Our two wells are I'm worried as complete yet another dry year.

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sequoia54(z6a MA)

So far, our NW of Boston town only restricts outside watering from May 15th to October 15th. Some years, it takes that long for the snow to melt off :-).

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Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the feedback! I was wondering how extended restrictions might affect newly planted trees, since they are more susceptible to winter injury if they don't have enough moisture.

They say El Nino is due to keep the Northern Teir of the US high and dry again this winter. Sounds like some areas will get relief (Southern California to the Carolinas). At least, that's the long term forecase. We'll see what really happens.

Hang in there, everybody!

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Who says, Ber? El Nino has a fairly limited effect on the US, mostly increased winter storms along the western and southern coasts. The long-term weather guesstimate is based on many things and El Nino is quite far down the list.


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