Conversion to Edible Landscape

charlieboringJanuary 28, 2013

This year I will enter the second year of my conversion of my landscape to edible plants. I am attaching my backyard organization. This spring I still need to plant the fuzzy kiwis and build one trellis. I also still need to build my raised bed for the ground cherries. I eventually will also add a bee hive, a water feature and a bird house.

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Forgot the attachment.

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Some good stuff in there...good luck..

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amanda_m(z7 MD)

I'd love to see some pictures when you have them. I am starting this year to move my front yard into an edible landscape (suburban Baltimore Co. Maryland).

I'm reading everything I can find about permaculture, native plants, no-mow yards, etc.

I like your plans, will you leave all the area within the walks as grass, or will it be sheet mulchec or in raised beds?

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Amanda - I will post some pictures when the spring blooms are going well. The walk is made from 1 sq. ft. concrete paving stones (not a good choice) and grass grows between them. The green area is mostly grass, but I do have some wildflowers scattered about. I have a large number of spiderwarts and some other virginia wildflowers.

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I just completed two raised garden beds. i still have to plant one and I have already purchased two goji berry bushes for wach end and, since my ground cherries have not germinated well; I will plant artichokes in the middle with flower borders. Here are pictures before planting.

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Second bed.

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Thanks for sharing some pics. I love it!
Hope they do well.

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My ground cherries that I intended to plant in one of my raised gardens did not germinate, therefore I must substitute this year. I am considering planting six artichoke plants, surrounded on the edges by low flowers (maybe nastritium or vincas) that have germinated and are about 6 inches high. Here in N. VA the temps at night are still in the high 40s and low 50s. I understand that you want the nights to be 60 or higher before transplanting. When should I transplant the chokes? Since I am in zone 7 (almost 6) I am going to try to mulch them in the fall to keep them as perenials. Any thoughts?

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