Want to neglect fruit/nut trees and get results-what species?

tropicallvr(11)September 30, 2010

Hi, I'm in zone 7 semi-inland hills of northern California. There is a bit of fog, and redwoods down in the river bottoms but I'm at about 2,000 feet, so it's dry and hot all summer. I'm looking for a genus(and species) of fruit/nut trees that can be planted and left without water(once established) and still produce. The soil varies, some acidic, some rich, some rocky, and clay.

I've seen a walnut tree planted in rocky soil at the neighbors that produces great walnuts without being watered, but most of the fruit trees I've seen in the area don't do well without water.

How about apricots?, Jujubees?, olives would be nice but I'm not sure if it gets hot enough, like inland 20 miles to the eats does. Can anybody point me in the right direction of some plants that will be at home here?


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Walnuts, pecans, maybe pistachios ... after the first three or four years they can pretty much live on their own.

Fruit trees take better care than you are willing to give.

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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

SF is just a hop, skip and jump away. You can find all the fruit and nut species you will ever want there with little to no effort. LOL!

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Howz about olives, just a guess? Otherwise, apples can do pretty well on some root stock like M111 which is very expansive. Anothe alternative would be to heavily mulch with bark and/or wood chips. The more drought tolerant apple root stocks tend to produce large (30+-) trees which might not suit a minimalist's desire, fruit trees require work.

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Apples take pruning , try pecans ,chestnuts,blackwalnuts.

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Pecans seem to do well. I planted a self polinating 1yr old almond tree 2 yrs ago. Got two almonds this last summer. Would like to try pistachio. Especially if they are drought tolerant. My Q/problem is to water or not to water?.... I live at 8,600 ft in NEW Mexico. My water is from a well. So far it,s holding. The last watering was on NOV 1ST. No rainfall,or snow since. By now i'm usally 4+feet in snow. Have 3yr old trees 2 john apple-2 peach-2cherrie-1 almond+4 apricot. I am afraid they will die. But if I water wont they thik its spring sprout then die with the march freeze? If anyone can help please post.thank you

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