need seeds of tropical fruits

bigmike825(z5 NY)January 6, 2009

Hi I am trying fo find seeds for any and all tropical fruits such as especially Miricle fruit, as well as any others like Lychee sapoyes dragon fruit, chemoya etc. etc. and really ANY fruit seeds I can locate. I have a home built greenhouse in upstate N.Y and have grown a lot of tropicals AND sub tropicals too so I want to try as many new things as I can get ! I am handicapped these days ( oxygen patient) and retired. So Please if you even have local fruits you eat and throw away the seeds I would love to have them . My address is as follows.Just email me for my addrss. as well as a possible list although I will try any plant , tree or shrub ,,,I can get even large trees like up to 50 foot trees! Thanks to all Mike...

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I can't get my tropical fruit seeds to you through customs.
You can find some interesting tropical seedlings/seeds from both
Horizon Herbs in Oregon & Richter's in Canada.
Sapote varieties will take around a decade to crop.
Nispero, a relative of the Sapote is quicker to crop.
Star Fruit will yield quick on short trunk - charming fruit, acidic taste.
Barbados Cherry yields quick & blender juice is good.
Neem is an extremely interesting useful tree you can prune.
Noni is well worth getting - see my " Need a Challenge?" post in Drought Forum.
Annon (a.ka. sugar apple?) & Mammon , both of the same family will prune
easily & bear custardy sweet fruit quick .
Pappaya will fruit inside a year - Aloha Seed has varieties.
Bija (Annato) is an easy one, aside from being coloring agent the fruit boiled
in milk treat internal bruising.
Jaropha you might recognize from bio-diesel promoters.
You might also like to seek out the rare African fruits.

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