I have chosen Cottage Garden Theme!!!

Calamity_J(z7bc)March 27, 2011

I am so excited!!! I have been a wannabe gardener for about 7yrs now, and have finally found out what I love in a garden and so now have a theme to work with!!! I have been told about having a plan, being cohesive, Jane, ya Gotta weed!!! ya ya, but it never seemed to sink in!LOL! But this last growing season, I went overboard, bought like 1600 plants, and then worried all winter about how to take care of them!ha! I "don't even know enough, to know, that I don't even know!!!" I just love this forum, and have adopted a Gent in town, who has the most amazing Cottage garden(Not only is he a transplant from England, but his house and yard look like they were "transported from an English countryside!)So I have a local mentor,and all of you too!!! I feel so blessed...and am so excited that one day...years from now...I can have an amazing yard!!! I just wanna thank everyone who has posted here in the last few months, you are truly appreciated for all you have shared! Jane

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

I'm so glad you have had some inspiration. It will be exciting to see photos of your garden transformation, and how about taking a few of your local inspiration scan see how great his garden is too?

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Jane- Now you know, we're all going to want to see pictures of your friend's lovely cottage garden!

How fortunate to have someone close by, who can help you with your garden. Have fun, take some risks, and remember...putting all your favorite things together, is what makes it YOUR garden! :)

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Will do! He told me about the hort society so I went and joined, been 2x and already signed up for a open garden tour at my place, Frank is having his on the same day! I already talked another lady in the neighborhood to show her yard too(20yr old garden) so people will have some nice eye candy to come all the way out here to see!

Here is a link that might be useful: My Album

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

Hi Calamity, I wonder if the link below is the garden that inspired you to garden in the cottage style, I've known this man for a good many years.


Here is a link that might be useful: A friend's Cottage Garden

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YES!!! I LOVE Frank, he is just so wonderful and inspires me!!! Thanks for posting those pictures! The day I met him, I was driving by and saw this gorgeous yard, and decided to pullover and open my window for a better look, and the smell was so wonderful(from across the street!) that when he rounded the side of the house, I hopped out and asked him for a garden tour, he said yes and is very kind and super knowledgable, told me about the horticulture society, and about his favorite gardening magazine(English Gardening)

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I didn't know I had a choice, I think the cottage garden theme chose me. Flowers look so much better than empty space. Many of my neighbors have the trimmed tidy boring yards, then you see mine, a bit wild and flowers everywhere. There is a large veggie garden in the back that is a bit more orderly but a similar theme.

I love seeing all of your spring pictures, I can only get daffodils to bloom, they apparently don't taste as well as the tulips.

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