Fruit tree in position without direct sunlight.

BOOSHIFIEDJanuary 24, 2013

I live in San Diego,ca. I have a spot where I would like to put some sort of fruit tree. The problem is the spot is close to a fence. The fence in at the south of the property. During winter months the fence will block most direct sunlight from reaching a small tree. The situation will be better during the summer months.

What type of fruit trees would work in this situation?

I have thought about going with a more mature tree but I would prefer to start small.

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What's the Spring and Fall situation look like?How about some kind of stone fruit,like Plum or Nectarine?

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I've only been in the house since November so I can't tell you too much. I think it will get good sun in the summer and it will get good sun when it grows taller.

I am just trying to get an overall plan for the yard.

Ill start researching those fruits you mentioned.

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Try this to track the sun.

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I prefer for checking path of sun.

You should post this in the fruit/orchards forum, you'll get more response....

When a tree is dormant it doesn't need ANY sun. So winter sun isn't an issue, however it will need sun when it leafs out...

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