gray water and trees

ladyharley(6)September 8, 2007

I have used bath water on my Ash and Mulberry trees. The result is the leaves dry out and the edges turn brown. This also happens to the trees with I use washing machine water. I thought all the above were good for trees. Any suggestions on why this is happening?


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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

Depends upon the soaps used and how much is in the water.

For instance, for washing machine water, you can use the rinse water rather than the wash water.

Further, such use must be legal in your community. If so, a local agency very likely has considerable information for you.

Probably your city has a special phone number or agency to contact. If not, it's most likely the Water Department/supplier.

Hmmm, a brief search using the phrase "gray water New Mexico" turned up various links with information.

Here's a link to "Safe Use of Household Greywater" from the New Mexico State University.

For additional links, you might also search with the alternate spelling of "grey" and you even might try linking the "grey" and "water" as one word.

Here is a link that might be useful: using greywater

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Due to our severe drought here in GA and no outside watering, we've been collecting *non-soapy* water that we use like when waiting for our water to heat up in the sink or shower.

I am not positive, but I think the soap can change the chemical composition of the soil, which may result in problems?

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