Rebutua marsoneri

chezronDecember 15, 2013

This is a common cactus and I have trouble growing it. I really love this cactus it is so bright and cheery. What do you pot it in? I tend to overwater this compared to my other cactus, and I am not sure why. Does it do better in a smaller pot? Any growing hints will be appreciated. I probably have 70 cactus in pots and I have trouble with Rebutua marsoneri and Mammallaria zeilmaniana. I kill them regularly. The rest i do pretty well with.

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Hello chezRon,

I believe we need more information... unless trouble with these plants in particular is common. I wouldn't know, not being much of a cactus guy. Just a partial cactus guy, like 6% cactus. It looks like you're in southern CA but we don't know your growing conditions - light, soil, watering schedule. If you have 70 cactus in pots, I assume you have some strong outdoor growing light. What have you tried with your Rebutias and Mammilarias? Have you tried different light levels? Have you been watering during the winter? What's your soil like? Low light and too much water in the cold season is more than some cacti will tolerate.

Disclaimer: I do not and have not ever owned either of the plants in question.

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