Need ID for large yellow fruit

harvey12(z7 NC)January 2, 2011

A family member found this large yellow fruit under a 15 foot tree near his neighborhood in Atlanta, GA. It is near a house that is apparently unoccupied, so there is no one to ask about the tree. There were 20 to 30 such fruit on the ground under the tree, and 2 or 3 still attached on December 15. He and I thought it might be a large paw paw, but the inside is not compatible. The fruit is firm, about the feel of a large unripe pear. It has a distinct fruity sweet odor, similar to a mango. The flesh is firm, like a green apple. The taste is tart, but not at all sweet. The seeds are small and numerous, and are arranged in stacks inside four long cavities around the center axis of the fruit. I am stumped! Anyone recognize it?

Here is a link that might be useful: Unknown Atl. fruit

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from your description i was certain you had a quince, but after looking at the pictures i am not as certain. it may be a varity that i not familiar with (i am in z5 so am limited to cold hardy plants)but until corrected im sticking with quince

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harvey12(z7 NC)

Scot: You may well be right!! I had not considered Quince, since in my experience the fruit has been smaller, lump-ier, and more pear shaped. These fruits were yellow, smooth, oblong and almost 5 inches in length, quite a startling discovery for a mid-december day, particularly with a score or so on the ground. I learned from my reading, prompted by your response, that quince can be that large, can be smooth and oval, etc. Thank you for your response. My daughter was planning to cook one to see if it behaves like a quince--no results as yet. Again, my thanks!!

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Sounds/looks like Pseudocydonia sinensis - Chinese quince to me. Neat, exfoliating bark - looks a lot like some crape myrtles; Mine have great red/orange fall leaf color.

Here is a link that might be useful: P.sinensis images

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Revisiting this one. May be P.sinensis, but I remember seeing a quince, at an old farmstead, many years ago, that produced oval fruit like the one in your photo, so Cydonia is still a distinct possibility.

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harvey12(z7 NC)

If there is a doubt that this is the right plant, it was wiped out by the link below. The fruit, the tree, and the time of year are all compatible. The link also discusses differences between p.sinensis and p. oblanga. Thanks for your responses!

Here is a link that might be useful: Foraging for Quince

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harvey12(z7 NC)

Sorry, I should have written "differences between p. sinensis and Cydonia oblanga" in the message above. The unknown is clearly one of these two, but I cannot say which, without more evidence. Thanks.

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Definitely a quince! How cool is that?!? I have recipes from my Ga aunt for quince jelly (I prefer Mayhaw, but try to get your hands on one!) Quince does NOT grow here, despite my determination! (One would think that sheer WILL would produce results...after 40 years of trying, I find that this is NOT SO! but I'm fairly hard headed)

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