drought resistant crops

cornwelc(z9OR)October 11, 2009

echotech.org has quite a bit of info on drought resistant crops...I work in Zambia where this is of utmost importance, so there should be something of value here for anyone interested in Drought tolerant crops. Here is a list of drought crops we have put together:

Tuber crops; cassava, sorghum (esp quick maturing Sekedo variety), sweet and irish potatoes, millet, quinoa, moringa (stenopetala specifically) Tepary beans, Lima beans, Pigeon peas, Amaranth, Chaya, Drought tolerant rice...

These are the crops we are working with and trying to promote as a substitute for maize which is not drought tolerant...

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Check with these Arizona organizations, which have also been involved in finding and saving drought tolerant crops:

Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix, AZ

The Arboretum at Flagstaff, Flagstaff, AZ

I hope your work prospers! : ])

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locust beans
aloe vera
blue argave
prickley per cacti (these can spread and may be banned)

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locust beans

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I bought some seeds this year from Native Seed Search in hopes of having some crops. Too early to say yet except for the Punta Banda tomato heavy with fruit. Supposed to be close to indestructible & bear even in extreme heat.

Seems to me native seeds grown in the desert for years oughta at least have a better chance.

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You may want to try "Hopi pink corn" (70 days) it does best in all drought tests and is sold by native seeds search of Tucson AZ . You might want to try some and breed some in to your strains.
The carobe tree and sunflowers are drought tolerant .

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We are in drought here, and I have been amazed by the drought and heat tolerance of the Armenian Cucumber. It has never even wilted, and it has been over 100 for weeks (113 today).

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