wanted: ideas for something to grow on the fence

leafwhistle(z5 Chicagoland)January 30, 2005

There's a chainlink fence with those green and white plastic strips interwoven into it between our yard and the neighbors north of us. There's a bit of a berm several feet in front of the fence (on the south side). There are a few smallish (10'?) deciduous trees on our side of the fence. We're renting, so I don't know what kind of trees they are yet. The neighbors have a swimming pool in their back yard, so there are no plants on the far side of the fence.

I'd like to grow some sort of edible-producing vine that will camouflage the awful plastic. We do have the south side of the fence. Any suggestions?

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chills71(Zone 6b Mi)

Grapes, hardy kiwi (probably your best for coverage, but don't expect fruit for a number of years), akeiba, passionflower incarnata (though I haven't gottten one to perennialize yet, they are supposedly hardy) will all do what you ask (with grapes being the fastest bearing). For unusual you may try goji (wolfberry). Were it me I'd find a good variety of thornless blackberry (a long vining type) and train that on the top of the fence.

But as you can see, you do have some options.


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Why not peas or asian foot long beans (in the pea family) they have lovely, and lovely-smelling purple flowers.Follow peas with beans. I make these suggestions because you are renting and these are not invasive, are annuals, and you can enjoy them in a couple months.

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leafwhistle(z5 Chicagoland)

I picked up a packet of loofa gourd seeds the other day... I am looking into beans, too. Thanks for the suggestions!

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Cannaluver(z7 Tx)

What about malabar spinich. it is also very pretty.

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