Germinating seeds

Desirai(7B)March 12, 2013

How do you get daylily seeds to germinate? I've killed over 20 of them.. I only have 10 seeds left. :(

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how did you kill them?

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They swelled up and became nothing but goo and they had an odor

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I chill mine in the fridge in a small ziplock filled with purified water with a little hydrogen peroxide. Once they start to sprout I pot them up. Just keep the potting mix moist until they sprout. I have great germination rate.

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Desirai, I give mine a cold period in the frig and then just plant them. What do you do to make yours swell up? Just curious. Marg

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someone told me to put them in a cup with just a little water to barely cover them and put them on a window sill and when they started to sprout put them in dirt. they swell up and started having an odor so i squeezed one and it was just mushy goo and they all ended up that way.

i will try the ziplock baggy method in the fridge

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Ive done both, just put them in dirt (plastic baggy over the top) and in peroxide water in the fridge until the first one sprouts then put them in dirt.

I noticed if the seeds are already nice and plump just placing them in dirt works well. if they are a little shriveled some water might not hurt.
Good luck!

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also is it true it takes 2 years for daylilies to bloom from seed

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I'm sorry to hear you have lost your seeds.

For the remainder, prepare a solution of 1/2 gallon of distilled water and 6 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide. If the seeds are not already in the little zip-lock bags, put them there, fill the bag up 1/2 to 2/3 the way up with distilled water/hydrogen peroxide solution and seal. Turn the bags upside down to make sure they aren't leaking. Put them in a container with a tight-fitting lid, cover the bags with more of the solution and put the lid on. (Daisy brand sour cream or cottage cheese cartons work well.) Put the container in a dark closet or cabinet. The seeds must be kept in total darkness until they begin to grow. Start checking them after 4 days and remove any sprouted seeds and plant. Return any ungerminated seeds in their bags back to the closet. Most of them should have sprouted within 1-2 weeks.

I plant my seeds in 16-oz. styrofoam cups, with holes punched on bottom and sides. I use well-moistened Miracle-Gro Seed Starter for soil.The cups of seeds are placed in an alumimum foil roasting pan filled with water. I keep a loose-fitting sandwich bag over the cups until the first green shoot appears. Depending on the weather, I move the pans of growing seedlings outside to the patio ASAP. They are kept in shade until they have produced their second set of leaves. Then I start gradually introducing them to more and more sunlight. By the end of two weeks, they are in full sun all day. At that time, I change the water out and fill the pans with a solution of water and 1/2 strength fertilizer -- the kind that comes in little boxes (i.e. Miracle-Gro or Schultz's).

Other folks here at the forum may have different methods. All I can say is I have more seedlings at the moment than I know what to do with!


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It kind of sounds like your seeds were no good to start with if you have that many rot. I have soaked some in water for weeks on my counter with no problems. I do put some peroxide in the water I soak them in but am not very good about changing it regularly. I sometimes get some bags looking like they have mold -or whatever it is-growing in them and it usually means there is a bad seed in there. Once I remove it (it will be mushy too when squeezed) and put in fresh water the rest are fine.

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