Update on my Thanksgiving Cacti

Lamora(4)December 13, 2012

Hi to those that helped me with my TC last week.. unfortuanlly, the one w/no roots, nothing is helping, it is dying very quickly. I put it in perlite, damp, small jar, and it is getting worse every day.

Today I looked to see if I could get any good cuttings off of it, and I don't see any. I am going to keep it a while longer, just in case it decides to surprise me. But I have my doubts.

The other one that has roots, isn't doing all that great either, but holding it's own. I was going to wait for about a week or so before putting it in a smaller pot, give it some time to rest from the last repotting. (but not too long)

I have almost come to the conclusion that Holiday Cacti is something I am not good at,, but I will keep trying. Mainly because I love them, and second, it is becoming a personal challange~~ lol

Something has to kick in my head sooner or later~~ :)

Anyway, thanks for the advice, info and personal exp. Very much apprecieated.

Marjie~~ not wanting to give up~~ :)

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Laura Robichaud

I'm sorry about your TC. They really are my favorite plants.

I saw your post last night and I woke up this morning with an idea. Why don't you wait until early spring and get some cuttings from a TC with a color you really like. I'm sure one of us would have something you would like or you could purchase some from eBay or an online nursery. Then, with advice from people here who know, root the cuttings and grow a new TC from the ground up, so to speak. Read up on GW until then on what kind/size of pot, different soil options, where you are going to grow your plant indoors, etc. Put this plant out in the summer in an appropriate area and then with some luck, you'll have blooms next Thanksgiving.

This way you can kind of get in tune with a plant that you've grown yourself from healthy cuttings starting out the right way rather than trying to save something that was going downhill when you got it. Of course, we'll all be here to give advice as you go along.

Just a thought.

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