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OKMorehJanuary 21, 2008

The back of my lot is completely open to the properties behind, and I'd like to plant some shrubs for partial screening. Privacy doesn't matter - the idea is just to create a visual break so that it doesn't look like the beginning of the prairie.

The location in western New York is zone 5. The site gets full sun and is fully exposed to wind. Space is somewhat limited so a long or very wide row is not feasible. Fall color and winter appeal would be desirable.

What edibles would work? We have a huge population of deer, so I'm not certain that I would ever get any harvest - I suppose that if I think a fruit is edible, deer will think so, too.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Blueberries or maybe some currants?


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Have you thought about sunflowers? They come in all different sizes, colors, etc. This is what I am going to experiment with this year. It would give fall/winter interest.

If you want bushes, I also suggest blueberries.

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mxbarbie(pnw BC 5)

blueberries!! thanks for the great idea! I've been wondering where to put them, and I have a neighbour in the back I'm not interested in seeing ; ) I was thinking of some fast growing and cold hardy bamboo but I definately would rather have something edible. Any other suggestions? (I don't like currants)

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Might want to try bush cherries, I got some great plants from RH Shumway, they were HUGE! Much bigger than the bush cherry I got from Michigan bulb, it was a tiny stick.

Sand plum might be nice! BTW, the deer don't seem to bother my bush cherries, I have no idea why! They eat everything else. Even daffodils!

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Just a note to say that I haven't done anything yet - planning now for next spring!

I'm also considering juneberries for the screening. I have another site in mind for currants or jostaberries, and I'm thinking about a hedge of bush cherries. I'll probably buy these (whatever I settle on) from St. Lawrence or Miller's, both of which are almost local.

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austransplant(MD 7)

How about elderberries? Fast growing, no need to fuss with soil as with blueberries. Berries very tasty in jams etc., wine. Not for eating out of hand though.

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Have you checked out the website Edible Landscaping? I've gotten interesting things there...but, I'm in a zone much warmer than you..

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Elderberies! Quite pretty when in flower and fruit, damned near impossible to kill.

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