Wyldewood #1 Elderberry???

sandsquid(7a)January 5, 2008

I received a great "care package" from an Elderberry collector, in the package was one named "Wyldewood #1"

I have not been able to find any information on this named variant online, can anybody assist?

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Looks like its a plant from Wyldewood winers uses for there elderberry wines & juces.

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Well then, I did good since I am a vintner (wine maker).

I've had Wyldewoods wines and was duly impressed, but I was not aware they sold or otherwise offered their hybrids. So, how this collector got it is a mystery but I'm most grateful for having it in the ground, and pushing buds.

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your friend did a really good thing for you ...I never look a gift horse in the mouth....and I never turn any thing down.I can always find a home for every thing even if its not my ownI love growing things and often I will start somthing and see that a friend has the perfict place for it and so I dig it up and transplant it ...befor they can say yes or no ...cuz I know I was right and so what if I have to come over and visit the plant ,good excuse to visit and have a cup of coffie or tea and I havent had a friend say I dont like the plant or its in the way .and only had 1 that got the lown mower treatment ..and that is becouse I told them if they wanted it to spread ...that would be the easy way to do it .LOL no I am not one of those ppl ...I just know the few friends I have very very well .

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