People need a clue to the drought

tnangelaDecember 10, 2007

Look the drought is man made weather modification. Look up. This ISN'T natural. This spraying corresponds to high pressure. Get a clue. Instead of critiquing me about a tin foil hat, do some research, look at videos on youtube. Pay attention. OK.

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petzold6596(8b southern NM)

You Tube is not a repository of scientific information.

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I don't know what this represents, but the point of these formus is to share knowledge and information. I live in a high desert locale on the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada range. Within the past 10 to 15 years we've endured near drought condition while watching the average temperature increase by about ten degrees during our short warm season. The rapid increase in housing construction and infrastructure has impacted the climate in a most uncomfortable way. We can't undo the damage, but we do owe it to ourselves to be water smart whenever posssible.

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Yes, I especially liked the YouTube video of the woman freaking out about a rainbow in her sprinkler as proof of a government conspiracy headed by HAARP. She, too, is certain of the existence of chemtrails, if you find her other videos.

She's quite the representative of the level of sanity we're talking about here.

TNAngela, find some other place to hang out, away from the tinfoil-hat people. You're right about one thing. The picture isn't natural--it's a pic of contrails. H2O and CO are the byproducts of complete combustion. At high altitude, H2O vapor condenses, which appears as crisscrossing trails of cloud where contrails overlap. You are literally making yourself terrified of WATER.

You don't have the least grasp of any of the physical concepts involved and are getting spooked by big words in the same way that little kids get scared of ghost stories. Both are NOT REAL. Find something else to get yourself worked up about--hopefully, something that won't contribute to hypochondria or paranoia. Find a healthy diversion, instead. Obsessively collect daylilies or something. It'll give you lots to "research" and won't lead to delusions that mess up your life.

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I've noticed an extreme amount of contrails, more than ever before, and we do NOT have that much air traffic over this part of the sky. We are over 130 miles away from the nearest airport.

I think the thing that Triangela means is that the strata clouds are typical of desert climates, if I remember correctly. Our drought this year is the worst I remember. I've never seen the trees lose their leaves in september, they just turned brown and fell off.

I've also noticed with the contrails is, you don't see them out en masse in the winter. Just the summer.

Here are a few pictures of contrails I've taken, this is NOT normal air traffic around here. All these pictures were taken during different days.

October 15th, 2008

Oct 15th, during middle of the day

July 2008

June 2008

May 2008

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Oh yeah, there are a bunch of great videos on, here are some great ones. This is NOT normal air traffic people!

This second one, fast forward to 4.39, before that the other stuff is boring, but the stuff after that is amazing. Shot in New York.

Some awesome aerial footage shot in Japan.

So, no this is not normal water vapor. And yeah we had a heck of a drought this past summer, first time I (or my parents) ever remember the leaves drying up and falling off the trees in Aug and Sept.

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petzold6596(8b southern NM)

Come on folks, get realistic. To bad you didn't take a earth science class in Jr or Sr high school. Or was it you had a mental meltdown during the lessons on weather and climate. If either applies, then stop making your stupid remarks.

Stratus clouds are not a desert phnom but rather the clouds that develop along the extreme outer edge of a storm front. Contrail are formed,as previously described, under certain conditions which occur most often in the warmer month at high attitudes. Commercial air craft have reached flight attitude about 50 miles from the airport so one living further away from the airport than that would not have any sensory awareness of a air craft.

Oh, Check out the resent report from NOAA, our average air temperature has DECREASE by 1 degree F over the past two years. I hope you PA folks like the increased global warmed snow you have been getting so far this winter.

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Pet, you actually believe what your govt tells you? Hmm. I do stand corrected thought, they are doing chemtrails in winter as well. I'm going to test the rain water in the spring after I observe the chemtrails out (if we even get any rain this spring!) for aluminum and barium to satisfy my curiosity once and for all.

People must have short memory spans because the contrails NEVER were this extensive and cloud forming when I was a kid. I can tell the difference between the normal contrails and the ones that are from the other planes.

Something is up, and just because most of the mainstream news isn't telling you doesn't mean that there's nothing going on.

Also, if you look at the updated maps, like the Arbor day map, there are a few places that went down in average temps, but most went up. The places that went down seem to be areas in the mountains. Climate change is evident. Global warming is a misnomer.

Here is a link that might be useful: arbor day map, revised.

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Oops, here is the correct link, this shows the different maps, one map is from 1990, and the other is 2002.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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petzold6596(8b southern NM)

Poo, This is interesting, but one very important element is missing from these maps: when was the data collected to make these maps? The shorted the time period, the less accurate the map is when looking at climate change because climatic events are not static from year to year. For your information the NOAA/Dept. of Ag climate map is determined by a 30 year rolling average of data collect at local reporting stations. To confuse you even more, because I know it will, Sunset Publishing has developed 24 climate zones based upon much smaller data collecting stations.

Before you again jump to some conclusion, remember that the abiotic and biotic elements of this planet is not static (unchanging, motionless, immobile) .

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Petz, yes this is interesting. Sorry that you have your head stuck up your...I mean stuck in the sand. Go pretend that these clouds are really naturally made. While you're at it, go believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth fairy too.

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petzold6596(8b southern NM)


Your use of an implied vulgar description of me demeans you. End of dialog.

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tnangela c_sec_15_00000330----000-notes.html

Some things cought my interest...
"(4) Weather modification programs may have long-range and unexpected effects on existing climatic patterns which are not confined by national boundaries..."

...Like the African sub-saharan drought in the 80's or the argentine drought now.

"(3) to develop practical methods and devices for weather modification;"

...where were y'all when the SE got sprayed all to hell for years and there was no rain.

"(4) to make weather modification research findings available to interested parties;"

Yes! I'm interested in chemtrails.

"to integrate the results of existing experience and studies in weather modification activities into model codes and agreements for regulation of domestic and international weather modification activities."

Well? m

"Many current and ongoing weather modification programs (50+ listed by NOAA each year-note the ones listed in this bill), are already changing the climate in many regions of the United States. Since most Americans have not been made aware of these programs it is easy to blame severe climate disturbances on "global warming theories" or climate change. These events are causing an overwhelming urge to "mitigate" current weather problems with increased weather modification experimentation, instead of examining local micro-climate changes that are caused by current and ongoing programs. It would be easier to stop these experimental programs than to add new programs without a clear understanding of current and future synergistic effects."

"NASA noted in an October 2005 newsletter that increasingly persistent contrails forming man-made clouds and haze are "trapping warmth in the atmosphere and exacerbating global warmingÂ" NASA goes on to note that: "ÂAny increase in global cloud cover will contribute to long-term changes in Earth's climate."

"1) Weather modification may promote rain in one area to the detriment of another; 2) These legal and liability issues pertaining to weather modification (now mitigation), and the potential adverse consequences on life, property, and water resource availability resulting from weather modification activities, must be considered fully before the U.S. government could take responsibility for this new research program: 3) Given Global weather patterns, whether one country "owns" its weather so as to assert intra-border control with extra-border consequences, must be considered under present international conventionsÂ""

There is established within the Treasury of the United States the Weather Modification Research and Development Fund...

BTW my surveillance guy that drives by the house has a big "T" for Treasury government tag...just so y'all know.

"OCR for page R8
. ~ . V111 PREFACE A significant part of the advances projected from applying the current intellectual and technological tools to solving critical uncertainties in weather modification will produce results well beyond the initial objective and will lead to applications in totally unexpected areas. For example, the ability to make useful precipitation forecasts, particularly from convective storms, may be a valuable by-product of weather modification research. The Committee is also acutely conscious of the fact that, particularly in modifying severe weather, researchers may be required to have, before attempting treatment, a reliable and proven ability to predict what would have taken place had the system not been modified. As a chaotic system, the atmosphere is inherently predictable only for a limited time, with the time limit shorter for smaller spatial scales. Thus, predictions must be couched in probabilistic terms that may not satisfy the user community that a reliable prediction has been made. This report is the latest in a series of assessments of weather modification carried out by the National Academies, which produced reports in 1964, 1966, and 1973, aimed at guiding weather modification research and policy development. The last National Academies report is nearly three decades old and, despite more recent assessments by other bodies such as the American Meteorological Society and the World Meteorological Organization, a need was seen for an evaluation of weather modification research and operations in the United States. In November 2000, the National Academies' Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate (BASCJ organized a program development workshop to assess whether it would be useful to take a fresh look at the scientific underpinnings of weather modification. A year later, a study committee was convened, and four committee meetings were held over eight months. The Committee received input from individuals in federal and state agencies, scientists who have or are conducting relevant research, and professionals active in operational weather programs. The charge to the Committee explicitly excluded consideration of the complex social and legal issues associated with weather modification. This part of the question is of such importance in any weather modification effort that the Committee did go so far as to note, but not elaborate upon, the most critical questions in this area. Also in accordance with its charge, the Committee did not address inadvertent global-scale modification of climate and weather (e.g., global warming). However, the potential local and regional impacts of both intentional and inadvertent weather modification are considered. The report is addressed primarily to Administration officials and funding agencies who determine the direction of atmospheric research through budget decisions. The Committee recognizes, however, that weather modification has a wide audience. The Preface and the Executive Summary are directed at this wider audience, while a greater level of technical detail is contained within the body of the report. Michael Garstang, Chair Committee on the Status of and Future Directions in U.S. Weather Modification Research and Operations

OCR for page R9
Acknowledgments This report has been reviewed in draft form by individuals chosen for their diverse perspectives and technical expertise, in accordance with procedures approved by the National Research Council's Report Review Committee. The purpose of this independent review is to provide candid and critical comments that will assist the institution in making its published report as sound as possible and to ensure that the report meets institutional standards for objectivity, evidence, and responsiveness to the study charge. The review comments and draft manuscript remain confidential to protect the integrity of the deliberative process. We wish to thank the following individuals for their review of this report: Richard Anthes, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research Rafael Bras, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Stanley A. Changnon, Illinois State Water Survey William Cotton, Colorado State University John Hallett, Desert Research Institute Daniel Rosenfeld, Hebrew University Joanne Simpson, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Gabor Vali, University of Wyoming Francis Zwiers, University of Victoria Although the reviewers listed above have provided constructive comments and suggestions, they were not asked to endorse the report's conclusions or recommendations, nor did they see the final draft of the report before its release. The review ofthis report was overseen by John A. Dutton, The Pennsylvania State University. Appointed by the National Research Council, he was responsible for making certain that an independent examination ofthis report was carried out in accordance with institutional procedures and that all review comments were carefully considered. Responsibility for the final content of this report rests entirely with the authoring committee and the institution. ix

OCR for page R10

OCR for page R11
Contents EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1 INTRODUCTION Motivation, 9 Cloud Physics, 13 First Experiments and First Controversies, 15 An Emerging Industry and Developing Public Concern, 16 The Pioneering Experiments, 17 The Need for Impartial Assessment of Seeding Results, 18 2 CURRENT STATUS OF WEATHER MODIFICATION OPERATIONS AND RESEARCH Current Operational Efforts, 23 Current Scientific Efforts, 24 Other Results, 35 Recognition of Key Uncertainties in Weather Modification, 36 EVALUATION REQUIREMENTS FOR WEATHER MODIFICATION Physical Evaluation, 39 Statistical Evaluation, 40 Measurement Uncertainties, 42 Uncertainties in Defining and Tracking the Target, 42 Uncertainties in Reaching the Target, 43 Assessing the Area Affecte d, 44 4 TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES FOR ADVANCING OUR UNDERSTANDING Measurement and Observing Technologies, 45 Modeling and Data Assimilation, 54 Laboratory Studies, 61 Field Studies, 63 Xl 1 9 23 39 45

OCR for page R12
. . X11 CONCLUS IONS AND RE COMM ENDATIONS Conclusions, 67 Recommendations, 72 REFERENCES APPENDIXES B C D Glaciogenic and Hygroscopic Seeding: Previous Research and Current Status, 89 Modern Statistical Methods and Weather Modification Research, 107 Glossary, 1 14 Acronyms, 118 E Community Participation, 1 19 F Committee Member B fog raphies, 1 2 1 CONTENTS 67 75 89 "

Glaciogenic and Hygroscopic Seeding...Yep. Multiple types of chemtrails.

"All of these unregulated, private, government, and public weather modification programs, may also have unintended synergistic effects. Senate Bill 517 does not address these issues but intends to implement more experimental weather modification programs without a national debate or public oversight.

Artificial weather modification can impact all of us by reducing water supplies, changing agricultural crop production cycles, reducing crop production, and water availability. Since most experimental weather modification programs use chemicals released into the atmosphere the public could be subjected increasingly toxic or unknown substances that could adversely impact agricultural crops and trees." isory.pdf

"They will provide an update on EFFORTS to build up wintertime snowpack..."

"Principal Scientist: Weather modification programs

Research Areas

Research interests include weather modification with special emphasis on precipitation enhancement and cloud processes and aerosol-cloud interactions."

Roelof Bruintjes
Project Scientist III
Hydromet Applications Program (HAP)

ScienceDaily (Apr. 9, 2009) Â Though greenhouse gases are invariably at the center of discussions about global climate change, new NASA research suggests that much of the atmospheric warming observed in the Arctic since 1976 may be due to changes in tiny airborne particles called aerosols.

Emitted by natural and human sources, aerosols can directly influence climate by reflecting or absorbing the sun's radiation. The small particles also affect climate indirectly by seeding clouds and changing cloud properties, such as reflectivity.

A new study, led by climate scientist Drew Shindell of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, New York, used a coupled ocean-atmosphere model to investigate how sensitive different regional climates are to changes in levels of carbon dioxide, ozone, and aerosols.

The researchers found that the mid and high latitudes are especially responsive to changes in the level of aerosols. Indeed, the model suggests aerosols likely account for 45 percent or more of the warming that has occurred in the Arctic during the last three decades. The results were published in the April issue of Nature Geoscience.
My first concern is transparency. It is a sobering fact that weather modification is intrinsically related to climate modification. The two go hand in hand, you can't have one without the other. Furthermore, climate modification has far reaching implications that can have disastrous consequences that may not be readily foreseen. Without having transparency of weather modification programs there is no way to determine the role that weather modification programs may be playing with the global climate changes our planet is experiencing.

My second concern is oversight. The fact that it is the US Dept. of Treasury that is in control of weather modification suggests the potential for abuse for economic reasons. The risk of abuse of weather control for financial gains is too great without complete oversight by an impartial entity that has no economic ties...especially with such things as stock futures hanging in the balance. Also included with this is the need for greater oversight over the health and environmental issues that are related to weather modification.

My third concern is accountability. Weather modification can have serious consequences that can cause loss of life or damage to personal property. Laws are obeyed because people have a responsibility for their actions. Who is to be held accountable for murder as a consequence of weather modification if it were to be the cause of an F5 tornado that destroys a town and kills hundreds...or causes a drought that kills millions? If anyone else were to be responsible for the destruction of a town they would be labeled a "terrorist" and would be held accountable. What remediation is available for the loss of property, life, liberty (blue skies or rain as the CREATOR so deemed), and the pursuit of happiness (when chemtrails are destroying your livelihood by causing drought or flood or damaging winds)? Part of a major issue here is that without transparency there can be no such accountability for weather modification programs.

Lastly, climate and weather are directly related to the environment which is inarguably part of national security. Therefore as part of national security, anything released into the environment should be under the absolute jurisdiction of the Environmental Protection Agency so that they can perform their duties as expected. The fact that numerous claims exist from many people claiming of a strong correlation between the observed aerial spraying of atmospheric chemicals and illnesses that they have experienced tells me there isn't enough environmental oversight of the release of chemicals by aerial spraying. I'm one of those. I have personally observed a strong correlation between intense atmospheric aerial spraying and respiratory problems that I have experienced. Furthermore, I completely blame chemtrail spraying to have once been the cause for sending my child to the hospital because he couldn't breath. In fact who is to say that atmospheric releases of chemicals, due to weather modification programs, aren't directly responsible for the general decline of bird species, or bats, or bees, or acid rain? To dismiss these claims out of hand is both irresponsible and dangerous to national security. A greater mechanism needs to exist to address and resolve these health and environmental issues that are being caused by the atmospheric aerial spraying due to weather modification programs.

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petzold6596(8b southern NM)

Not to trivialize your research and posting of the results, but after reading these sited articles, I could not find a single one that states that today's weather conditions are of man made origin with supporting evidence. Speculation is just that!!!

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Ah, you're fine. I realise some people are not ready to except that weather modification exists and that the US Treasury is responsible for our weather modifications or that this spraying can cause drought and tornadoes. All I can say is look at the empirical evidence. This kind of checkerboard air traffic is NOT normal.

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Petzgold6596, the first opening paragraph from this statement from the American Meteorological Society directly contradicts you.

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petzold6596(8b southern NM)

I read the entire news release and nothing in it refuted any of my statements. The release only stated that several organization/groups were to meet to discuss cloud seeding. Nothing in the release supported any of your statements you have used to support your claims that global warming is man made.

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Sir. Your statement was this:
"I could not find a single one that states that today's weather conditions are of man made origin with supporting evidence...."
of which I gave the link that gave supporting evidence:
Of which then you change your statement to:
"Nothing in the release supported any of your statements you have used to support your claims that global warming is man made."
Which is not the claim I was intending to make.
Freudian slip?
Know something we don't?

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petzold6596(8b southern NM)

It is not a Freudian slip. My responses have been to the most resent post except the last one which refers to your original post. Reread it. Something like: man made drought.

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Russia, U.S.A and china have all admittedly controlled the weather to some degree. They can even lesser hurricanes impact, by affecting the eye of it by a single degree. Do not mock those who claim this because sure I could be wrong but that isnt because I have a tin hat, but because russia america and china apparently lied.
As far as chemtrails versus comtrails, anyone over 20 this should be a no brainer, remeber as a kid ALL comtrail dissapated relaively fast, now they can linger for hours. I have a remote acreage in the high mountains above3 a large city... Some days you can watch the planes flying back and forth, leaving these huge chemtrails, grids of them in the sky, that decend onto the cities. All the while regular commuter planes fly by with the same comtrails ALL planes had when I was yonuger. Im not sure if the chemtrails have anything to do with the weather modification programs, but they certainly exist and are definatly NOT normal exhaust from planes. Seriously though they just fly back and forth leaving these grids in the sky.
Do all of you know a couple years ago our lovely leaders literally passed a law, which allows them to "test" things on ALL or ANY american, anytime with no warning? Sounds crazy yet it is true. I heard it in passing on mainstream news maybe 3 or 5 years ago. Funny they barely mentioned it in passing, seems like that should be a major concern, just what is it they wanted to test on us? Who knows.
Do you know russia and americans BOTh tried to use mind control on ALL of us. Americans never said the outcome of their research, russians said that they can only subtly do it for large populations, so it is not feasible worldwide. Just because our media doesnt readily discuss these things doesnt make it a theory. lol. because this theory is based on them directly saying it. So if I am wrong they simply lied for whatever reason.

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What can I say but, "Oh Wow!"

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neonrider(USDA 8A ^ Sunset 31 ^ Mid-SC)

Don't feed the disinfo shills (alleged shill - petzold, - tactics: ridicule, eprsonal attacks and throwing fake science in to "debunk" the Truth, all for a measly salary), just watch this video, it is from Spain and has English translation:

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thank you tnangela, mersiepoo. i'm one with the tin foil hat :)

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Xtal(z8b Temple. TX)


You are dead on right. This is our government at work. Whatever they are spraying, you can count on it affecting our weather patterns.


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You tell people to "get a clue" as to what the real reason for drought is, but you have absolutely NO EVIDENCE to back up your nonsense (Besides squawking 'Look up! Look up)!

You're silly. Happy Halloween.

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