Fruit question

cyclonenatJanuary 9, 2012

Hi im from Invercargill New Zealand, i was wondering what fruit will successfully grow my climate is similar to zone 8/9 in America.

The fruit plants i have are

Inga Bean

Japanese Raisin Tree

Kaffir Lime








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I think you have a good list. There are so many edibles that can be grown in zone 8/9. Check out the link below as it will offer some more suggestions such as fig and blueberry. You might also look into quince and persimmon which also grow well in this type of climate.

You might have to bring the lime inside during the winter so think about planting it in a container.

Here is a link that might be useful: Top 10 edible garden plants

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Nice link.
You have Raspberries, then blackberries,dew berries,blueberries,Banana plant,currants, filbert,grapes,muscadine grape,pear,plums.
These plants should grow for you.

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