what are some good drought resistant plants?

texas_is_homeDecember 28, 2009

im kind of concerned about drought this year because during spring and fall it rained a whole lot and i thought about it. it kind of made me think of a pattern that may happen. It raind more in october than it ever has in my city. behind all this rain do you think there could be a drought? like the skies have dropped all the rain it could and now has nothing left to give. but idk. this is me just wondering. its winter and all but still.

bottom line-what are some good drought resistant plants?

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how tall ?

one of the most drought resistant plants (aside from cacti) that i ever had the pleasure of growing is the upside down tree also know as the African Baobab. she only got watered for three months a year.

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Ask your local water company for a list of plants suitable for xeriscaping in your town.

It varies from region to region.

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antm0(Sunset Zone 13)

For some ideas, go to www.mswn.com, they are based here in arizona, might even have growing yards in texas but supply to texas with a wiiiidddeee variety of drought tolerant plants, im sure they are likely to pop in local nurseries by you. Good luck!

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locust beans
aloe vera
blue argave
prickley per cacti (these can spread and may be banned)

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Hi Joshlyn:

I'm a new member so I hope my info is not to late to help you with your plant selection?

In SW Florida these are the most commonly used drought tolerant plants:

FLOWERING: (common name)
> Dwarf Crown of Thorn (sm., thorns, color choice)
> Dwarf Bougainvillea (med., sharp thorns, color choice)
> Mexican Patunias (tall stem, purple flower)
> Purple Queen (sm. ground cover, purpleleaf, pink flower)
> Society Garlic (sm., tall stem, purple flower)
> African Iris (sm., tall stem, yellow flower)
> Firecracker (med., weeping, red flower)
> Crape Myrtle (tall bush)

NON-FLOWERING: (common name)
> Dwarf Carissa (med., drk. green, sharp thorns)
> Asparagus Grass (sm.-med., light green, thorns)
> Asian Jasmine (sm., vine, green/blue, ground cover)
> Liriope-Evergreen Giant (med., grass, drk. green)
> Philodendron-Giant Split Leaf (very lg., drk. green)
> Juniper-Parsonii (med., evergreen, drk. blue/green)

On the web there are many sites to see these plants and find local suppliers in your area. Good Luck!

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