The latin name or a better spelling of the common

zorba_the_greek(9)January 23, 2007

About four years ago a friend gave me some moringa seeds and some rooted sprigs of "kartook.' Both have grown well but I can't find "kartook" on the internet other than in posts I have posted. Does anyone know a better English spelling or transliteration or latin name? It has tasty, edible nutty leaves and tiny red flowers.

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Do you know what language the 'kartook' is from? Moringa oliefera derives from the Indian language Tamil, so, does the 'kartook' also come from India? A photo, or description would also help to ID the plant easier.

My gut feeling from your brief description is that maybe it is Curry-Leaf? I could easily be wrong (make that probably am wrong), but I have posted a link below just in case.


Here is a link that might be useful: Curry Leaf Monograph

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Katuk is the most common English verion...

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The latin name is Sauropus androgynus.

Here is a webpage on the plant:

Here is a link that might be useful: Katuk

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