Strwberry Transplanting

riccidFebruary 23, 2005

Last year I planted 6 strawberry plants and they spread out very well. Now I would like to transplant some of them to a bigger area. Can I just use the runners when they begin to grow? When would be the best time to do it?

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ksrogers(EasternMass Z6)

Usually they will transplant very well in spring, even before they start to go out of dormency. Examine all the crowns and if any are longer than about 2 inches, they are old plants and can be tossed. Strawberry plants life are maybe 3-4 years and when the main plant gets 'leggy' they dont produce well. I removed all of my plants last fall after them being in the same area for 3 years. I also took as many of the big runners as I could (all runners were rooted too). I removed the links between the runners and the main plants. All of these are now in some big trays with a lttle soil added for the overwintering, and are waiting for the spring to arrive. Once it does, I till the area first, add some bone meal and till again. Then I put down a heavy black fabric mulch that blocks out weeds. Cut small holes into it for each plant. They start to grow again in about early May here, and by June, I see many blossoms. The bone meal helps to increase blossoming. Because I also have a little problem later in the season (deformed berries) I add a trace amount of boron to the soil too. I use a fruit tree fertilizer that contains a small amount of boron for that. Your strawberry bed will expand over the years. I started out with 40 plants and now have well over a 100.

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