I need edible hedge ideas

phelansmomFebruary 14, 2012

We are interested in creating a 40' hedge alongside an alley using a mix of tall for nearly all of the length. The last 5' will probably need to be around 3 feet because of code and street visability. We are interested in mix of edibles to make this area productive plus the surplus falls into our wildlife theme as well. I can install drip irrigation if necessary.

The area faces south so it receives a ton of sun and with the exception of a newly built home across the alley is exposed to the elements. Soil is neutral with some sand because of the alley regrades over the last 100 years a few spots read alkaline..though I want to do a soil test for sure. There is a little afternoon shade from the Cottonwood and a small maple..but it is still pretty sunny and hot. In the winter this area is one of the first to melt..although I can shovel snow mulch if needed.

Originally I was going to install Rosa Rugosa 'Alba' down the entire length but was worried about the spread of up to 8 feet..would it look strange to prune so much as there is newly installed garden in front of the proposed hedge plus the well traveled alley on the other side? Maybe I need something more upright?

I love the idea of the fragrance of this rose and large rose hips and thought for winter interest adding Therese Bugnet for its beutiful red canes. Our house 100+ year old purple folk victorian house cries out for roses I think..

So now my idea involves rosa rugosa alba plus Therese Bugnet and maybe in the lower area of the hedge Rosmarinus officinalis Alcalde Cold Hardy offered by High Country Gardens plus some tall english lavender (neither are cold hardy to our zone but I can grow the lavender from seed and purchase the Rosemary out of my annuals budget.) We had also talked about currents and/or Aronia down the whole length to incorporate some winter/fall interest and also Rose of Sharon..as you can see I need some guidance to stay on track!

Here is a link that might be useful: High Country Gardens

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It is great that you have 40' of space for an edible hedge. Your idea of using aronia and currants is a good one as both of these can make very nice hedges and aronia has a lot to offer throughout the year as far as aesthetics. You might also look into chilean guava which would be good for the section that needs to be about 3'. Gooseberries would be good if you would like the hedge to act as a fence as they have thorns.

Here is a link that might be useful: Edible Garden Northwest

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If it doesn't have to be evergreen,there are some Serviceberries like Northline that I think are more shrub like than tree like.They can withstand very cold temperatures,something like -50F.Burntridge Nursery sells small plants and a place in Alberta,Canada has little and big ones. Brady

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I would probaly plan somewhere else for the lavender and rosemary if growing them as annuals. They are rather slow growing, low bushes, at least mine are. They are some of my favorite, low maintenance xeriscape plants, since I don't give any thought to them, here in the Phoenix area and I plan to add more, in the few full sun areas that I have.
I love the rugosa rose idea. I had one when I was in NE OK. It will probably need a solid support and some pruning but I think you will really enjoy it. Another very low care, hardy plant. I'm planning on planting some shortly on a fence here, too,

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