Pinyon Pine

aliweed(5 (Iowa))February 20, 2008

Is there a type of pinyon pine with edible nuts that would grow in zone 5 Iowa. Would any of these provide a good wind break?

Any of these:?

Colorado Pinyon (Pinus edulis), Single-leaf Pinyon (Pinus monophylla), and Mexican Pinyon (Pinus cembroides).

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I know that Mussers in Pennsylvania carries one that should grow for you.

I went to index, hit the 'P' letter, and then scrolled down to the tree titled pinion.

I don't know if Millers in NY would have anything like that or not.

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aliweed(5 (Iowa))

Thanks for the response. Miller doesn't have anything like this, although that would be nice since I have a huge order from them coming in a few weeks.

Mussers looks like they are already sold out for the year.



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