2007 GTA Central/East Tailgate Garden Swap May 21st(Victoria Day)

sydseeds(5A /ON)March 17, 2007

My email system dumped this year so I don't have anyone's email address anymore. If your up for another fun "Tailgate Garden swap", here's this years GTA East date, time and place.

1. It's a Tailgater (meaning trading out of our vehicle trunks in a pre-determined empty parking lot)

2. No sales allowed.

3. Pre-arranged trades ahead of time most welcome (via individual emails or thru postings here)

4. Any garden related living or inanimate object welcome at the trade (so not just seed packets and plants, but old tools, extra fertilizer, old garden books/magazines, compost, etc. - anything garden related actually is most welcome especially if you are new to these swaps and are just starting out but don't have alot of plants/perennials to divide up and swap/trade)

5. The ever popular 'swap circle' - which is the place we randomly place one (or 10) items in the cirlce which enables us to take one (or 10) items in exchange - this is the circle where you'll find things you never knew you wanted/needed).

6. Location (same as last spring) - Unionville (Markham) LCBO which is next to Longo's supermarket, east of Woodbine/ Hwy 7. Anyone taking Hwy 401/Hwy 404 North - get off at Hwy 7, go East to Markham, its 3 lights away!

9 am to 11 am (rain or shine)

7. Throwing up the swap date of:

Monday May 21nd - Victoria Day stat holiday (this is the same date we had for the last 3 years for this GTA east swap) The following Sunday (May 27th) has typically been used for previous years GTA west (Etobicoke) swap, so I chose the Victoria day Monday again for the central/east swap as I didn't want this swap date to land on the same day as the GTA West tailgater as some swappers want to attend both.

Pipe in here and I guess I better start the hose and spray off the last of the snow so I can put a shovel in the ground and plant up a couple hundred pots of plants.

Cheers! Sydseeds

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Wow! This sounds like a lot of fun! I've never participated before but I think I would like to. By then, I should surely have something to swap. I live in Mississauga, would this be the closest one to me?
Thanks, have a great day!


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sydseeds(5A /ON)

Trish - we'd love for you to join us at the central/east GTA tailgater, but I would be remiss if I didn't mention that 'peatpod' , jroot, nadia and the rest of the gang of western GTA tailgaters also typically meet up each spring in and around Burlington usually the Sunday after this central/east GTA tailgater.

I'll drop peatpod an email to see if the annual GTA West tailgater is a go for this spring; but by all means, come and join us at our GTA central/east tailgater as well!

I have attended both in the past - missed the GTA west one last spring but since I usually have at least two truckloads of plants to swap, my need to attend both usually outweighs the fact that I really don't need to bring more plants home! LOL
Cheers, Sydseeds

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I will be there. Look forward to seeing all of you again this spring..Please let me know if you need help..

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lanakolo(Z5 ONTARIO)

Thank you so much Sysdeeds, for waking me up!!!
I was in a hibernating stage and didn't even realized that it is spring again....
I look forward to meet you all.

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Happy Spring! Hope all had a good winter! May 21 works for me!
Thanks Nicole

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Hey SydSeeds!
I know peatpod. I actually got all her 2ltr pop bottles to wintersow in this as she said she wouldn't have a lot of time for wintersowing. Did you get a response re tailgater in the west? Let me know, cause if they don't end up having one then I will come out to meet the Easterners.

Ciao for now!

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sydseeds(5A /ON)

Trish - yes - I heard back from Peatpod re: this springs GTA West Tailgater: Peatpod doesn't have the time to set this up as she is extremely busy volunteering at the RBG, so she's hoping another western GW'er will grab the reins and run with setting up the time, date and location.....she's forwarded the reins to another western GW'er to see if she is interested in co-ordinating it, so stay tuned on a possible spring GTA west tailgater.

So - hopefully the west one will run and regardless, we'd love to swap some of your western garden stuff with some of our central/eastern stuff and we're really not that far away if hwy 407 is an option for you. Cheers! Sydseeds

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Cool. 407 is no problem. We'll see what happens.

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peatpod(Z5b Ontario)

Hi Everyone ... well Im sad to say that I have yet to find someone to pick up the gauntlet for the West end. Maybe there is someone else that could organize it. I realize it really isnt all that time consuming but I havent even had time to get my stuff started this year .. thats why I gave Trish the pop bottles .. maybe you can share some of your WS with me Trish :o) I might be able to break free to attend a swap .. but even at that Im not sure.

Hope everyone has lots of fun and I know you will all receive many wonderful plants.


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Sure I'd love to share some with you, Peatpod. Just started sprouting yesterday. :o)

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laine2(z4&5 Ontario)

Hi all so glad we are having another swap. Thanks Karen
see you in May if you need help let me know Take Care.Elaine

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The swap meet is not posted well enought for people to see it. For a while I thought there would not be one. I would like to attend

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sydseeds(5A /ON)

wildflower_2: The reason this thread is not on the 'discussion' side of the Canadian Garden Exchange forum is that GW use to 'delete without notice' any non-related posts made in the 'discussion side' of the Canadian Garden Exchange forum - such as these 'meet & greets' as they didn't consider them 'trades'.....some one obviously complained to GW about our post a couple years back and 'poof' we lost over 80 posts in our GTA tailgater thread simply because it was on the 'discussion' side of the board. When we asked why our thread had been deleted, GW said we had posted it to the wrong side of the GW Canadian Exchange forum, and that 'meet & greets' (aka - our tailgaters) weren't considered a 'trade' and thus they deleted it.

So we moved over to the 'conversations' side of this board from that experience onward, and we've kept our central & east tailgater 'chatting' on this side of the board to prevent losing the thread.

I understand other 'meet & greets' still occassionally pop up on the 'discussion' side, but perhaps the person complaining is no longer around and/or GW isn't seeing them. I just don't want our 'meet & greet' tailgater to go 'poof' again so this is where we always meet up for the 'pre-trade chats'.
Glad you are interesting in coming!
Cheers, Sydseeds

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I missed you all winter! I hope everyone's doing well. I should be able to come to the Monday swap...it all depends on the cottage plans. I'm happy to organize the West end swap on the 27th. I'm hosting a 30th bday party (someone else's...I'm not 30 yet!) on May 26th, so I hope that doesn't interefere with the West swap. It should all work out ok.
So, count me tentatively in for the swap on the 21st, and count me in/organizer for the West swap on the 27th. I just have to figure out how to post it. :)


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I just want to thank Nadia for organizing the west end swap and let people know that I've been spreading the word to as many "newbies" as I can with regards to this site and for the west end swap on May 27th. I offered a suggestion on where to meet for that on Nadia's post below regarding the swap plans:


But if anyone has a more suitable spot I'm game.

Hoping many of you can make it to the west end swap too. Looking forward to it and to meeting many of you there.

Best to all, Sara

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HI, Brian here. I would love to and have gone to one in the Oshawa Center LCBO parking lot and one in Bowmanville and they were close for me east of Oshawa a bit. Anything more east than Unionville ?

Thanks, Brian

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sydseeds(5A /ON)

Brian - there is a swap in the kawartha's that is being planned. Check out the main page as perhaps it may be closer for you than this Unionville one and I don't believe they've choosen their location yet so perhaps it might end up closer for you, depending on where you are coming from.

For Newcomers: Every spring this GTA central east tailgater is at this more central GTA location; every fall we move it to a more easterly GTA location. It makes it fair to those of us who are driving - some of us coming from as far as north of Port Perry, Newmarket and Bobcageon.

If anyone has an email address for 'cherylnpickering', could you please let her know about this swap - she's come every year & it wouldn't be the same without her. Her email thru gardenweb isn't accessible.

Giving myself a few more days before I post my full list of what I'm bringing but I was lucky enough to have no squirrels chew thru my layered clematis this year so hopefully they'll be rooted enough to bring.

Cheers, Sydseeds

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cherylnpickering(z5b ONT)

Thanks for the email Sydseeds! At this time, I'm not sure if I can make it but if things change I'll show up with stuff for the swap circle.


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swap list

Asparagus ferns (2)
Astible (white)
Bleeding Hearts (pink)
Cranesbills Geranium Pink
Goose Neck loose-leaf (white) invasive
Gout weed(invasive)
Hosta-Frances william
Hens And chicks
Lambs Ear
Lupines (red) -seedlings small trade
Ligularia the rocket
Mallow (pink)
Plume poppy"s invasive
Snow in summer
Stock (white)
sweet woodruff
Viola blue

List of things I would like if possible

Asters bowder puff
Delphinium (blue)
Datura anything but white
Kiss me over garden gate
Sunflowers Italian white
Ferns maiden hair
May apple
coral bells
Cupid's Dart
Daylily's anything but orange
English Daisy
Pasque Flower
Phlox any except white
Potentilla red
Scabiosa white
Torch lily
Wild ginger

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Correction::Ferns are Ostrich not Asparagus ...sorry about that.

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sydseeds(5A /ON)

Scraps - I've got some fuschia phlox ready for you, plus some yellow daylilies; and some wee seedlings of winter sown blue delphiniums.

I'll be putting most all of my stuff in the 'swap circle' unless I can fill specific requested plants, i.e. like Scraps listing of wants.

I've got a couple layered group 2 clematis' that I'll bring as well as iris'; 1 year old rooted rose of sharon's; sweet woodruff; white mallow; shasta daisy's; sedums; rooted glads; oriental lilies; ajuga; columbines; hostas; lamium - white; lamium - purple; viola; and still digging/splitting and potting up other things.

Cheers, Sydseeds

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laine2(z4&5 Ontario)

Hi just wanted to say Hi looking forward to the Swap On Monday I'll have Iris plus, plus?? Scraps I have lots of May Apple if it's the wild one you mean? how much do you need ? also I have an orange Geum I'll dig you up a chunk.
Karen will you put my name on 2 clematis if you have enough
please& thankyou. See you all Monday. Elaine also Delphinium seedlings would be great.Take care
laine@i-zoom.net if you need a hand Can't wait hehe;)Oops
Scraps I would also like some Hens & Chicks Thanks

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lane: I will take as many as you can spare of the may apple and also orange gum. I will bring you hens and chicks.
Sydseeds:Thanks a bunch for fuschia phlox , plus the yellow daylilies; and some wee seedlings of winter sown blue delphiniums.Looking forward to seeing you all on monday. Cheers.

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HI! I have a little list put together!


building and using greenhouse book
small Delp... needs some tlc
lilac-needs new enviroment
coral bells
Autumn Joy


foxtail lily
Mountain fleece flower "firetail"
Any per... over 4 ft

Thanks Nicole

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sydseeds(5A /ON)

Add some 'peonies' to my 'bringing to the swap list'.

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Hi all,

I apparently need to take photos of my garden. I can't remember the colour of anything that blooms back there. Sigh. Anyway, for what it's worth, here's my swap list!


black eyed susan vine seedlings (3)
basil (Italian) seedlings
brunnera macrophylia
malva moscata
hostas (I don't know what they are but I can send pics)
grass seed (small bag)
viola (purple)
climbing hydrangea (a few climbers seem to have rooted)
canna (yellow flower)
sedum (blooms purple)
astilbe (bloom colour ?)
lilies (bloom colour ?)
phlox (bloom colour ?)

Would like

Hens and chicks (cobweb, green, or red varieties)
Sedums (upright variety with red flowers-rosy glow?? and/or creeping varieties)
anything invasive that'll bloom all summer (for my pots)

Also, if anything's being particularly bossy in your garden, I'll happily take donations for the swap circle at the west plant swap. :)

See you all on Monday!

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laine2(z4&5 Ontario)

Hi would anyone like some Jack in the Pulpit I'm going to dig up May Apples for Scraps and I found lots of both.
My wooded path won't miss the Jack's hehe.See you all Monday Early for sure.Nadia you have a few things I'd like so see you there. Going out to dig up whatever "Love To Swap"

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Can I please have some of your cranesbill geranium? I can bring you phlox (I'm not sure if it's pink or blue) and some purple echinacea.

Can I please have some jack in the pulpit? Please let me know what you'd like me to bring you. I'm happy to bring you lots of stuff, I'd just like to know what. :)

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NADIA SMILES: I will bring you some cranesbill geranium for flox and purple echinacea.

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Was wondering if anyone as started any Tomatillos seeds.And how about the dinner plate hibiscus?

nadia_smiles: Can you put my name on the basil (Italian) seedlings . I can bring you a cranes Cranesbills Geranium Pink for your pots it will hang over if you pot it to the side.
Anyone have any annuals started or vegetable seeds.
really looking forward to tomarrow.

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sydseeds(5A /ON)

I've got rooted clematis set aside for Laine along with some baby blue delphiniums seedings; some Hens & Chicks and an assortment of Sedums (high and low) for Nadia_Smiles; and the Phlox, Blue Delph's and Yellow Daylilies for Skraps.

The rest of my loot will end up in the swap circle.

Cheers! Sydseeds

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I'm bringing you phlox, purple echinacea, Ialian basil seedlings, and I have a black-eyed susan vine seedling (annual) that I think you'll like.

You can have a peek in my trunk before everything goes in the swap circle because I'm not sure what you'd like.

Thanks for the sedums! You can have a peek in my trunk before swap circle because I'm not sure what you're after, either. :)

See you all tomorrow!


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Is anyone interested in a hydrangea? My uncle's bringing it to the swap.

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sydseeds(5A /ON)

Thanks again to everyone who came out this morning. Laine - Scraps gave me her loot for you, and I have my stuff for you - hoping I run into you at the Kawartha swap - if it's a go - if not - then one weekend that I am in the Kawartha's, I can meet you 1/2 way between Lindsay and Bobcageon - say around Nestle Inn camp ground....hope everything is ok as it's not like you to miss a swap.

Cheers to all, and see you all in the fall!

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HI! Just wanted to say Thanks to everyone! Happy Planting! Nicole

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Hey everyone,
Thanks so much for a GREAT swap! I've got lots of loot for the swap circle next Sunday. And my garden is officially bursting. Nothing is allowed to grow out. Plants are only allowed to grow UP and BLOOM! :) See you all in the fall!


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laine2(z4&5 Ontario)

Hi all I'm so sorry I missed he swap I will do my best to get to Nadias next Sunday west end Thanks Karen for getting the things from scraps I'll bring May apples & jack in the pulpits and ?? to west end swap.I'll keep watching our posts and I will post again Friday. Elaine?
best way to get to the swap please from east sideHwy 7 to ? thanks

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Hi All:
Sorry It as taken me so long post . Really enjoyed the swap thanks for all my new babies. I have promised to Post you the name of the plant I have that one of you also have its called salanum atropurpureus. I got it from the west swap last yr. Happy gardening see you all in the fall.

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Oh no! I missed the swap! been too busy trying to plan my wedding! :(
I have been saving a tonne of pots just for the swap! If anyone is interested in plastic pots (many large and medium size) and would like to pick up in the Markham, ON area, please email me at :

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laine2(z4&5 Ontario)

Hi I missed them both but if the Kawarthas aren't to far for you Marlene is planning Another swap which I'm jokingly
referring to as the Middle one hehe. June 16 not sure of location yet. Will depend on peoples preference I guess.
Keep watching the post and congradulations on your Wedding
Take care and be sure and mention the swap to your friends. Elaine in Bobcaygeon

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HI! Sydseeds!

I'm trying to get the ball rolling for the fall swap with new swappers! Is Ajax easy for everyone? Where did you end up having last falls swap? As I have found some newbies from Durham ! Let's see if we can find a location that would work for all any other ideas? Thanks Happy Gardening Nicole

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sydseeds(5A /ON)

WooHoo! Nicole - so glad to have you getting the ball rolling for the fall swap. Ajax sounds great. Last year CherylnPickering got us swapping in the parking lot of St. Mary Catholic Secondary School in Pickering, and in the past years fall swaps we've been around the Oshawa area, but how about you connect with your easterly GTA newbies and maybe they can come up with a good location and then we can figure out a date. In 2005 we had it on October 1st; last year the date was September 24th - so our options are plenty with respect to an east GTA location and a good date for us all. Feel free to create a new thread on the Fall 2007 GTA East Tailgater where we can iron out the date and location - and I'll start ground layering plants that don't take to root division so I can brings some new things that are already rooted. I can't believe how well the rose of sharon twigs I got last year rooted and now are ready to come out of pots and into gardens - I'll leave them be until the fall in pots to bring them and a good supply of other rooted plants to bring for this fall swap.

Cheers! Sydseeds

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I'm new this year to the forum.. ran a search for a GTA garden exchange and this was the most recent hit, so I thought I'd bump it up to the top and ask

Anybody doing this still? Anybody want to? What's involved in organization? Sydseeds, are you still out there?


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