Edible shrubbery for south side of house

plantinellen(5)February 14, 2009

We have a row of "inherited" cardinal shrubs growing (badly) on the south side of our house -- they're the ones with the red, somewhat tubular flowers that bloom in early summer. Anyway -- they're obviously not happy and look awful, so we want to dig them up and plant something else.

Any suggestions for non-bramble fruit that might grow there? This particular space is shaded somewhat on the west side but gets a decent amount of southern exposure sun. The ground is very dry. I'm thinking of something that only grows about 5 feet tall, or that can live happily pruned to that height.

Might blueberries do well here? Is there a variety whose habit might make it a nice foundation shrub? Any other more exotic choices that might be fun to grow? Obviously we want the foliage to be attractive, which is why I thought of blueberries.

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You could do a grape vine. Or espalier a pear or apple. If it is too dry, blueberries might not be happy. However, if they get runoff from the roof, that might be fine. Roses are edible and would do well there. We've just put in hazel nuts and want to maintain it as a 5-6 foot shrub. We'll see how that goes!

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Currants would be a good choice, if you have never eaten a Black Currant I would get Siltsa as it doesn't have the Musk flavor other Black ones have or you could get the Clove or Jostaberry black currant from what I understand they also lack the musk flavor. Aronia is also good but don't eat the fruit when it first turns black, wait about ten days and UMMMMMM good! Blueberries would need soil prep. first and make sure the PH is around 4.5 and 5.5 with 5 being ideal, but you would need to water

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