WANTED: Votive molds

LibbyLizJanuary 8, 2004

I need either 6 metal votive molds or a plastic votive mold that makes 6.

I have the following seeds to trade for such:

*Larkspur, uncounted, but a whole snack-size ziploc bag full, & pods that supposedly contain 75 each

*Thumbergia (Black-eyed Susan Vine), uncounted

*Red Cypress Vine, guessing 36

*Cardinal Climber Vine, ditto

*Bleeding Heart, 36

*Aster Crego Giant Mixed, 24

*Pink or mixed Hollyhocks, 24

*Zinnia Lilliput, 36

*Hollyhock Red Single, guessing 36+

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Disregard this post.

I ordered a set of 6 metal ones from eBay & a friend's sending me a set of 6 plastic ones.

Thanks anyhow!

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